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5 Reasons For Matrics to Choose Optimi College in 2023
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5 Reasons For Matrics to Choose Optimi College in 2023

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By Kendall Behr - Copywriter for Optimi

Matrics of 2022, although the lockdowns and loadshedding provided you with plenty of obstacles on your journey towards finishing your school career, you made it! That calls for celebration. You’re now on the next step of your journey: tertiary education.

Whether you received the results you were aiming for or not, Optimi College can help you access high-quality tertiary options that give you the tools you need to start your professional life. In the competitive South African job market, a combination of real-world skills and certifications can give you an advantage in interviews.

As a private college operating in the TVET space, Optimi College has created a learning environment that offers smaller learning units and larger flexibility, meaning that you will be able to find the course that works for you! We also offer our students more support to ensure the learning journey is accessible to anyone.

5 Reasons You Will Excel at Optimi College

At Optimi College, we not only provide our students with the course material and study guides they need to pass: We support them to EXCEL with their studies by granting access to additional study platforms and support. Here are a few of the things that make Optimi College your number one post-school option:

Moodle Classroom + App

The Moodle Classroom in an online platform, easy to access from your cell phone or desktop. You have access to a range of resources and facilities online, designed to support your learning journey. You can also submit assignments on the Moodle Classroom. Managing your assignments through Moodle is simple, fast and reliable.

Optimi College is excited to announce that we’re working on a dedicated mobile app for all Adult Matric students. The app will be a valuable resource for Adult Matric students as they study for their upcoming exams. The app is in the final testing stages and is due for release soon.

Skillsoft Learning Management System (LMS)

For our IT-related courses, students access Skillsoft. Skillsoft is an online learning management system that offers students compelling content, interactive videos, quizzes, mentoring and practical simulations/virtual labs. The platform allows students to learn at their own pace, making it easy to pick up learning where they left off.  This cloud-based application is continuously updated. With 24/7 access and even a mobile app, learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


A number of our courses offer bootcamps. Bootcamps are focused sessions where students review fundamental principles and concepts of specialty modules or subjects to prepare them for an exam. The interactive online session is presented by your lecturer and allows students to identify learning areas and discuss problems. This means that each student can be confident before entering exam season.

Student care sessions

At Optimi College, we are committed to assisting students in achieving their goals. As a result, we implemented morning chat check-in sessions. During these monthly sessions, students can connect directly with their lecturer or coordinator in an informal setting to discuss any questions or concerns they may have. For distance and online learning students, the road can be lonely, therefore, these regular check-in sessions help to keep students motivated and provide guidance.

Three learning methodologies

Optimi College has three learning methodologies available to potential students. This allows you to find a learning model that suits your needs. We offer distance learning courses that allow you to study in your own time from anywhere, online learning courses in virtual classrooms, and a selected number of in-person classroom classes at our Bellville campus in Cape Town.

Distance learning

If you want to work while you study, distance learning might be for you. You can complete your coursework in the evenings and learn at your own pace!

Some of our popular distance learning courses are:


National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management (ICB)

Get the NQF4 certification to prove your mastery over skills to be competent small business manager, overseeing a team of employees.

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Information Technology:

IT Engineer: CompTIA A+ Short Course

This IT Engineer course is ideal for candidates looking for certification within the professional IT sphere. The course teaches skills and knowledge covering hardware, software, troubleshooting, networking, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+ and CCNA (Routing & Switching) certification courses.

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Human Resources

National Diploma in Human Resource Management

This NQF5 course covers legislation that governs human resource practices, talent acquisition, skills development and labour relations.

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Online learning

Online learning breaks the barriers of needing to attend physical classes while including the benefits of classes where students can ask questions and interact with peers.

Some of our popular online learning courses are:


Business Skills Development Short Course

This short course prepares candidates to write three international certification exams: CBAP, and CAPM along with Soft Skill courses.

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Information Technology:

IT Technician: CompTIA A+ Short Course

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to enter the IT professional field and requires IT Technician training to get them started with a career in technical support.

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Human Resources

Professional in Human Resources (PHR)

This short course covers the concepts, tasks and knowledge you need to successfully understand and perform HR-related duties.

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In-person classroom learning

Optimi College currently offers in-person classroom courses for information technology. The courses are presented at our campus in Cape Town.

IT Engineer (6 months – NQF4)

This course teaches skills and knowledge covering hardware, software, troubleshooting, networking, CompTIA Server+, CompTIA Security+ and CCNA (Routing & Switching) certification courses.

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Software Developer (12 months – NQF5)

This course teaches skills and knowledge covering database design, computer programming, development and problem-solving, the basics of python, developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications and an introduction to HTML5.

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Network Engineer (12 months – NQF5)

This course covers skills and knowledge for MTA international exams, as well as CompTIA, CCNA and MCSA content.

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Start The Journey With Optimi College

Optimi College offers a wide range of accredited qualifications and short skills courses alike, spanning many fields and industries. These include accounting and bookkeeping programmes, business and management, human resources, beauty therapy, and many more. Accredited professional qualifications are registered with and endorsed by governing bodies in that respective field. Our non-accredited short courses are designed to widen your skill set and improve your technical know-how. Completing either an accredited programme or a skills short course will demonstrate your competence and make you invaluable to employers!