About our Directors

CEO of College SA

Richard Starkey

Richard was appointed as College SA's CEO in February 2016. He brings with him heaps of energy and enthusiasm, and more importantly, he is completely committed to developing College SA into the most trusted distance learning college in Africa!

Richard is a qualified Chartered Accountant, has a Master's Degree in Accounting Science from the University of Pretoria and is in the process of studying for his PhD. This means that Richard is no stranger to studying, and he knows first-hand about the specific challenges of studying via distance learning.

His primary passion is to educate and empower people, and Richard is certainly bringing about great changes at the college. Richard's first rule for the entire College SA staff is that we need to do everything in our power to make sure that YOU, our valued student, feel and stay motivated and empowered, so that, through education, you can improve your life and leave your community and world better than how you found it.



Jimmy Ladielis

Our COO has been involved in distance learning since 1997. He knows all about what students really want and need, while they juggle their busy lives with their studies.

All of these years of experience have led to our COO being completely committed to making and keeping our students happy, and to ensuring that College SA constantly develops in terms of innovation and technology in all aspects related to supporting our students.

Jimmy has been keeping very busy with all sorts of exciting things, including adding student-lecturer discussion groups on a new Moodle platform.

Jimmy and Richard make a powerful team in leading our college in becoming the most trusted Distance Learning College in Africa. Together, our CEO and COO are changing the way distance learning is done, and they are implementing many exciting plans that will make us world-class leaders in looking after and educating our students



Yvonne Starkey

Yvonne is a Chartered Accountant and the Managing Director of Tabaldi Education, an online classroom specifically designed for UNISA Accounting and Auditing students. She presents online tutorials, writes blog posts and creates infographics to help ease the study woes of her students. Yvonne knows just how bumpy the distance-learning journey can be; as a past student of distance learning she has first-hand experience in trying to juggle work, studies and life.

Yvonne joined College SA as a shareholder and a member of the executive team to help steer the college into the future of accessible, world-class education.  Armed with experience, she also acts as an advisory to the College SA Bookkeeping and Accounting school.

Yvonne is on a continuous quest for new, better and more creative ways to inspire and help students.