About our Educational Planners

Our Educational Planners’ main focus is the student. Not only will they help you choose the right course to suit your education level (highest grade passed), finances and future goals, but they will also guide you through the entire enrolment process; making sure all your paperwork is completed.

As soon as your enrolment process has been finalised, we will send you your first batch of study material. What’s more, your Educational Planner will give you a welcome phone call; making sure you received your study material and understand everything.

From here on in, you can look forward to monthly phone calls, reassurance and full support from your Educational Planner and College SA.

You can look forward to:

  • Your very own Educational Planner

  • 100% assistance with your registration and enrolment

  • A welcome phone call to make sure you received your first batch of study material.

  • Monthly follow up phone calls to make sure you are still happy and have no issues regarding your study material, assignments or course payments. (Should you require any assistance from a tutor or student fees advisor, your Educational Planner will put you in contact with them.)

  • Successful course completion and a document to confirm it.  

What makes our Educational Planners the best:

  • They are approachable and you will feel at ease while speaking to them

  • You will find they are excellent communicators, patient and understanding

  • Student service and student satisfaction orientated

  • Passionate about your education

  • Determined to see you succeed