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Afrikaans First Additional Language

The Afrikaans First Additional Language subject is aimed at students who are not necessarily familiar with the Afrikaans language. The subject focuses on equipping students with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that are used in everyday social conditions as well as cognitive academic skills for learning in Afrikaans.  You will also be equipped with literary, aesthetic and imaginative skills that will give you the capability to recreate, imagine and empower your understanding of the world you live in. Once completed, you will have the ability to express your feelings and ideas and interact with others in Afrikaans.

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Course fee

Total Course Fee:


Textbook option

Monthly instalment option:

R170 per month

Payment duration:

10 months

Study duration:

12 months

Registration fee:


Speak to an educational planner

Accreditation information

Status: Umalusi certificate

Type & reward: Amended Senior Certificate - NQF level 4 (SAQA ID 49647)

Provided by: Umalusi

Minimum credits: 130

What is included in the course fees?

  • Textbooks or e-books (depending on your choice)
  • Courier Fees (Should you choose the physical textbook option)
  • Access to the Online Classroom and activities

Textbook costs included!

Textbooks can be extremely expensive and some institutions do not include it in the course fee. Not at College SA! Our study material and textbooks are included in the total course price, so you do not have to worry about sourcing your own textbooks. We will send you all the necessary study material to complete the course.

Course starting dates

With College SA, you can start studying whenever you want: there are no specific course starting dates since we offer distance learning. Please speak to our educational planners about your enrolment and study options.

Entry Requirements

21 + Years

You need to be 21 years or older to enrol for the Amended Senior Certificate programme.

Internet access

You will need access to the internet via a computer or smartphone to complete your activities in the online classroom.


Recognised NQF 1
qualification with
2 official languages.


RSA Identification document
OR Valid Passport and
Study Permit.


Incomplete National
Senior Certificate


GETC Certificate OR Grade
9 / Standard 7 School Certificate (not recommended)

Entry Requirements

Exam registration dates:

Exam registration dates: The Amended Senior Certificate Examinations take place in June/July every year. Registration for the 2024 Senior Certificate Examination will open  in October 2023. Please visit the Department of Basic Education website to view a list of district offices in your area.

  • Exam registration opens in October 2023
  • Online registration opens in October 2023
  • Exam registrations close in January 2024

Exam info:

  • Exam registration fees are NOT included in the course price
  • You may register for any number of subjects per exam sitting
  • You can complete all your subjects in a single sitting or over a period
  • The exams are set by the Department of Education
  • Exams are written only once a year
  • Registration for exams can be done at the Department of Education Examination Centres (Community Centres/Schools)
  • As a student, you are responsible to register for the Amended Senior Certificate examination. The College accepts no responsibility for registering any student for the ASC exams.

Assessments Information

The Amended Senior Certificate Examinations take place in June/July every year. If you meet the qualifying criteria and wish to take the examinations and obtain your certificate, you must register for the examinations no later than January 2024, to take the examinations in June/July 2024. 

Learners wishing to write these exams can register at any provincial education office, which includes the provincial head office, district offices and circuit offices.

To achieve an Amended Senior Certificate, you must meet the following requirements in the exams:

  • Pass three subjects at 40%, one of which must be an official language at Home Language level.
  • Pass two subjects at 30%, one of which must be an official language at First Additional or Home Language level.
  • Get a subminimum of 20% on the sixth subject.

Students who have previously passed their Senior Certificate subjects at Higher and Standard Grade levels, can receive credits for those subjects.

  • A Higher-Grade pass is set at 40%
  • A Standard Grade pass is set at 33.3%