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Make the most of your studies with High Performance Learning

At College SA we understand that studying can be tough. This is especially true for part time students who have full time jobs and only find time to study at night and on weekends.

Working students often become overwhelmed, because studying puts them under pressure financially and requires a lot of energy and time. Many drop out and some never complete their studies.

Whilst the benefits of furthering your education can be truly lifechanging, the reality is that those who struggle to cope often believe they have no other option but to quit.

Thankfully, that’s not true.

High Performance Learning is the answer

College SA has partnered with High Performance Coach Tim Goodenough to create a course that helps students to stay focussed and motivated. By unpacking the mindsets, study tactics and motivation strategies of high performers the course connects the world of High Performance with education to help students achieve top results.

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Please note that all students who have registered for a
College SA course qualify for a discount of R1 500
when they enrol for the HPL course.

What students have said about the High Performance Learning Course

“I must admit, when I started watching the first video of this course I was sceptical. I have heard a few motivational speakers in the past and I thought this was going to be just another one of those "feel good for one day" type of courses and afterwards life was just going to return to its same old routine, with the course content becoming a pleasant but distant memory. But I was pleasantly surprised! The content thus far has touched on aspects that I have either pondered on in the past or have already made part of my life. Thank you for the great adventure you are currently putting me on, I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Piet Van Rooyen

“Thank you for the motivation! I'm experiencing such a positive mind shift towards my studies and even in other areas of my life. I never realised that I'm actually not engaging in the learning process, but only going through the study material to tick off a box in my study program! Now that I understand how to engage, I can see an improvement in my level of understanding the study material. It is creating in me a hope for a positive outcome, yet also with the assurance that even if I don't see the desired outcome immediately, I can repeat the process until I see the desired outcome. Thank you for your time and effort and commitment to see us achieve our goals!"

Edna Blignaut