A Career in Human Resource Management

What does a career in Human Resource Management entail? 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Human Resource Management? Do you know what it entails? In this post, we take a closer look at what HR professionals do, what skills you need to work in this field, and where you can apply for an HR management job.

What a job in Human Resource Management entails

A career in human resource management can be stressful, yet rewarding. It is the HR manager’s duty to make sure that all systems in the workplace stay organised, fair and fully functional. When there are job openings available, they have to source potential candidates that are suitable for the position.

It is the HR manager’s responsibility to make sure that all staff members are skilled to do their job efficiently. They have to identify skills gaps in the business and find solutions to improve the overall efficiency of the employees and the company.

The HR manager also manages employee benefits. They have to regularly check in with the managers of various departments and find out how their individual staff members are performing in the workplace. Employees who prove their worth usually reap the benefits of bonuses and salary increases. It is the HR manager’s job to work out reasonable salary or incentive packages for the staff members that are eligible for an increase or a bonus. 

List of responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

  • Employing of new staff members
  • Training of new and existing employees
  • Employee relations
  • Organisation development
  • Communication middleman
  • Leadership
  • Responsible for salaries and staff benefits
  • Team building

How to become a Human Resource Manager?

In order to be considered for a job in this field, you require a professional Human Resource Management qualification

College SA offers accredited and non-accredited human resource management courses. We are accredited by the SABPP to offer a National Diploma in Human Resource Management. Our non-accredited courses are available on short course, proficiency and skills level. Click on the individual courses to find out more about each course.

Work experience is very important when applying for a job in human resource management. The more work experience you have, the better your chances of landing a top-level position.

Important skills every Human Resource Manager should have:

Interpersonal skills

This job requires strong interpersonal skills, as human resource managers constantly have to work and interact with people.

Speaking skills

Human resource managers often have to address a group of people, train staff members, or meet with the executives of a company. They have to be able to communicate clearly and transfer the correct information and message. This is why speaking skills are very important in this profession.    

Decision-making skills

The decisions human resource managers make, have a huge impact on employees and the business. This is why they require strong decision-making skills to balance the pros and cons of different options before making a final decision.  

Leadership skills

A human resource manager requires strong leadership skills to manage staff and coordinate work activities. 

Organisational skills

A human resource manager has to be able to prioritise duties and manage several projects at once. This is why organisational skills are crucial.

Where can I work with a Human Resource Management qualification?

HR professionals can work in various industries. Some of the top industries include:

  • Government
  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Management of companies and enterprises
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services

What are the career prospects for Human Resource Managers?

The career prospects for skilled human resource managers are promising. With new businesses forming across the globe, the need for skilled HR managers is on the rise. Employment in this field is projected to grow by 9% from 2014 to 2024.

As you can see, a career in human resource management has much to offer. If you are keen to pursue a career in this field, contact our Educational Planners on 0861 663 663. They will help you choose the right study programme and finalise your enrolment.