Beauty School Courses: What do you study?

Interested in pursuing a career in beauty but not quite sure what you will learn from beauty school courses? It all depends on which field you would like to specialise in. There are various beauty school courses you can study. If you are interested in styling hair, a hair care/styling course will be perfect. If you are interested in becoming a nail technician, you should enrol for a nail care course. You can also enrol for a combination of beauty school courses if you would like to become a jack-of-all-trades specialising in numerous beauty treatments.  

Study beauty school courses

Beauty school courses

Beauty therapy courses are perfect for students who want to specialise in more than one field. Each beauty school is different, but generally, when you study a full beauty school course you will learn about nail care, facial skin care, body massage, makeup applications and hair removal.

As a jack-of-all-trades, you will be able to book more clients and earn more money than a beauty professional that only offers, for example: massage therapy services.

Nail technology courses

Nail technology course generally cover nail care, sanitation, tools and products you need to perform nail treatments. At the end of a nail technology course, you should be able to apply various nail applications and fully understand the anatomy and physiology of the human hands and feet.   

Full body massage courses

Body massage courses may cover different massage techniques, pressure points and what products to use. As a masseuse, you should be able to perform various body massage techniques on the client’s request and know on which pressure points to focus for maximum results.           

Facial skincare courses

Facial skincare courses generally cover the physiology and anatomy of the skin. You should be able to identify various skin types and problems and apply skin care treatments that will give the client the results they are looking for.

Makeup application courses

As a makeup artist, you should be able to create different makeup looks by using different techniques and makeup tools. By studying a makeup application course, you will learn to use various products, tool and techniques. Professional makeup artists can work in a salon, on a movie set and fashion shows, or work privately from their own home.

Subjects all beauty school courses should cover

There is more to the beauty industry than pretty hair and makeup. You will be surprised by some of the subjects beauty schools include in their course structure. Let’s take a look at these subjects:


It’s not only doctors and nurses that have to learn anatomy. When you work in the beauty industry, you have to know in-depth about the anatomy of the skin, hair and nails. These parts of the human body can be quite complicated, as it has to protect the rest of the body against damage and chemical irritation.

Beauty professionals come in contact with these parts of the human body every single day. This is why it is important to understand the construction of these areas. They should be able to identify any issues like infection or rashes.


Hair colours, shampoos, nail polish removers and various skin cleansers contain chemicals. In order to work with these chemicals and perform treatments safely, you have to understand what’s in them, how to use them and what not to use with them.

Business skills

Most beauty professionals build their own clientele. This is why business skills are very important. They should be able to sell products to earn more money and increase the salon’s revenue.

Communication skills

Communication skills are very important. Beauty professional should be able to communicate effectively with their clients. Clients want to be listened to and they want to be asked questions. When you make them feel special, they will come back.      

When planning on studying beauty school courses, make sure you study beauty therapy courses that cover these subjects as these skills are essential when working in the beauty therapy industry. 

What to look for in a beauty school

Beauty schools focus on specific areas of study – hair, face and body services. Courses may be field specific or focus on a variety of beauty services. Many students choose to specialise in one field, but a variety of skills may count in your favour.

Once you have decided what you want to study or what field to specialise in, you will be able to choose a beauty school. Beauty schools all offer different courses. Look for a beauty school course that covers a broad range of subjects. Make sure the course will prepare you for the future you envision. Essentially, you would want to learn business skills as well. Business skills can help you make more sales, you’re your client base and/or manage your own business on day.

Also pay attention to the location. Will you be able to travel to class every single day? If not, are there any distance-learning beauty school courses you can enrol for?

The final and most important thing to check is the price of the course. Will you be able to afford it? Are there any special payment options? When you need financial assistance, look for an accredited beauty school – they tend to offer financial aid or easy payment options.    


Choosing the right learning institution and beauty school courses is very important if you want to reach your career goals. Do your research before you jump into an enrolment process and make sure the course you choose will take you closer to your goal.