Beauty Therapy Courses - What do you study?

Want to study beauty therapy courses but not quite sure in which field you would like to specialise in? If you are interested in studying a professional make-up artistry course, you will learn about products, tools, applications, different make-up looks and skin care. If you are interested in studying a nail course, you will learn about products, tools, nail shapes, different nail applications and most importantly sanitation of your tools and workstation.

Each beauty therapy course has it’s own course structure and each course will teach you something different. The only subject that will repeat itself in various courses are, sanitation. Sanitation is very important when using the same tools on various clients – something you will learn when you enrol for beauty therapy courses. 

What qualification do you need to work in the beauty therapy industry?

To become a fully qualified beauty therapist, there are certain skills, techniques and attributes you should have.

To operate as a professional beauty therapist, you need to have a formal qualification in beauty services. A qualification will prove that you have the necessary knowledge and skill to perform various beauty treatments, including facials, body massages, nail applications, make-up applications etc. Formal beauty therapy courses also teach you small business planning, which is important if you want to operate your own beauty salon in the future.

Hands-on experience is also very important when you study beauty therapy courses. Hands-on training will give you a better understanding of what a job in the beauty industry entails. It will also help you decide whether this career is for you or not.

Distance learning or online beauty therapy courses can also teach you a fair amount of beauty therapy knowledge and skill, but you will have to find a place to practice your work. Practical training is essential and it is your responsibility to get hands-on training.

Working in the beauty therapy industry

A beauty therapist’s job involves client interaction for most part of the day. You will also have to spend a lot of hours on your feet, so good health and stamina is important.

On a daily basis, beauty therapists will find themselves:

  • Cleansing, massaging and toning a client’s skin
  • Applying make-up to clients’ faces
  • Shaping eyebrows and tinting eyebrows and lashes
  • Give manicures, pedicures and other nail treatments and extensions
  • Removing facial and body hair
  • Applying elecro-therapy treatments to a client’s body to improve tone and shape
  • Applying spray tans
  • Massaging a client’s back, scalp, neck and legs

Other salon duties may include:

  • Answering the telephone
  • Booking appointments
  • Counting and ordering products
  • Filing clients’ medical histories and treatment programmes

Study beauty therapy courses - start your own business

Before you can start your own beauty therapy business, you first have to carefully plan, research and calculate the costs involved.

  • Set up a business plan that can help you guide your business to success.
  • Ask the bank for a loan (if you need one)
  • Design your salon around your target market. Do you want to attract older people or do you want to cater for the younger generation.
  • Hire qualified staff (should you require help in the salon)
  • Get you marketing plans up and running.   

Should you become a beauty therapist?

If you possess the following traits, you should have no problem to be successful:

  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Friendly and welcoming
  • Relaxed
  • The ability to explain treatments to clients before you start
  • The ability to sell beauty products and services to clients
  • Business awareness
  • Creative

If you are serious about a career in beauty therapy, there is no reason why you won't succeed. Study beauty therapy courses that will prepare you for a job in the field and keep on practicing your skills as you progress in your beauty therapy career. This will ensure that your knowledge and services are always up to date and that you provide your clients with quality beauty therapy treatments.