Poetry Student Wins the Whispers of the Heart Poetry Competition

Talented poet spotted at College SA

The Poet

College SA offers students the opportunity to explore their creative writing talents through our writing courses. Many of our students are extremely talented and write inspiring stories and poems.

Thapelo Kgomnoeswana is one of our talented students, and the WINNER of the Whispers of the Heart Poetry competition.

As one of his assignments, he submitted a poem called 'Aborted' to College SA. Thapelo’s creative writing tutor quickly spotted his writing talent and entered him into the poetry competition.

Thapelo 1

The competition

Whispers of the Heart is an organisation that is passionate about giving creatives an opportunity to display their talent. They offer writers, photographers and artist opportunities to present their work to a judging panel throughout the year. Entrants stand the chance to win a monetary and book/DVD prize. Winners are also published in a Whispers of the Heart publication.

The poem

What if she had never swallowed that pill?
What if Mommy wasn't mentally ill?
Could she had still denied you an opportunity to see this earth that we live in?
Tell me this isn’t hell the world we live in?
Tell me the better option ain't leaving.

I think maybe God had a better plan, they say he always does,
Maybe you need to stop counting stars
And focus on the moon,
I can imagine you as a little dreamer?
I bet right now you'd be telling me about how much you really love reading my poems and how you'd like to donate money to a certain charity,
I would've taught you humility and humanity.

Most nights I lay awake in bed, starring at the ceiling and hoping you'd show up,
Make a grand entrance like you are a shooting star,
'cause that's what you were destined to be!
I imagined you at the age of 6 and you were a big sports fan,
More athletic than your daddy could have ever attempted.
If I could sing and this was a song, every note would be a high note.

It's hard accepting the fact that you gone,
I don't want to see another dawn,
In this dream that I had, you were born,
All grown up
And you taught me how every ugly moment I ought to adorn.

When it came time to face reality,
I kind of wished my eyesight could become mal-functional.
Ever since you left, before you came, I lost sense of everything sensible,
Every sunshine exposed the dark agony weighing my heart,
I miss you and I hope you are resting in peace and every piece of this poem is a spike on every path she is walking.

You aren't just aborted and dearly departed.                                                     Mommy was mentally retarded, heartless and cold blooded           

because in my heart you're a legend that ingests intelligence within each interval,
never a sperm that I ejaculated and regretted then sent back.

Last thoughts

Thapelo has certainly succeeded in letting us glimpse into the agony felt by the speaker. Thapelo confronts the reader with emotions of longing and bitterness - uncomfortable to deal with at times, yet proves Thapelo's instinctive poetic ability.