Further your studies without a Matric!

You might not have Matric, but you can still further your studies and get the job you want

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey for the fourth quarter of 2018 has been released, and it doesn’t look good for South Africans. If you have just finished your Matric year or graduated from a tertiary education institution, you should continue reading.

According to the unemployment stats of South Africa, the unemployment rate is 0.4% lower than it was in the third quarter of 2018. 

The latest reports show that of the 6.1 million unemployed persons in South Africa, only 34.2% have completed their Matric. The other 57.1% of unemployed persons did not complete Matric and are struggling immensely to find a job in South Africa.

What does this mean?

The Department of Labour has put together a graph that shows that individuals who did not complete Matric have a very slim chance of getting a job.

Because of the shift in the labour market and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, you must have some form of qualification to secure a job.  

Look at the graph below. Here you can see that students who do not have a Matric make up the bulk of unemployed persons.

 South African Unemployment Rate

(Source: Business Tech January 2019)

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the change in the way we live, work and relate with one another. It is the new chapter in human development. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is not just about technological changes. It is combining the physical, digital and biological world. The whole idea of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is to positively impact people, organisations and communities for a better and more advanced future. 

Who is most likely to be affected by long-term unemployment?

Unfortunately, the longer you have been unemployed, the slimmer your chances get of finding a job. This could leave you permanently detached from the labour market. The reason behind this is that when you are long-term unemployed, your knowledge and skills become outdated. Employers are looking for candidates who are up to speed with the latest developments and who have just graduated.

What skills do employers look for in graduates?

Employers are looking for employees who can start immediately. Why? Because large firms do not want to waste time training someone for the job. When a candidate has the skills required, they could start adding value to the company from day one. Apart from having the correct knowledge and skills, the importance of transferable skills is imperative for survival and success in today’s competitive workplace.

The following knowledge and skills are in demand at the moment:

  • Leadership and conflict resolution skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Business and project management skills
  • Networking and relationship-building skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Willingness to learn
  • Resourcefulness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Practical and logical thinking
  • Commitment

Upskill yourself to secure a job

As you can see, it is imperative that you further your education to secure a job. The job market has become extremely competitive so even if you have the right qualification for a job; you still have to prove that you are the better candidate for the job. Employers are looking for individuals they can trust, will be an asset to their business and can work on their own without constant supervision.     

I don’t have a Matric; where can I study to increase my job prospects?

College SA offers a range of provider programmes that are suitable for students who do not have a Matric certificate. These provider programmes are non-accredited courses that only require you to have a Grade 10, be able to read and write English and be 16 years or older.  

Whether you want to learn a new skill set or just improve your current knowledge and skills, College SA can help you with it. 

Our provider programmes are specially designed to equip students with a specific skill set for a particular job. This means that once you complete a provider programme, you can apply for the job you are interested in.   

These non-accredited courses are affordable, have no formal exams and are often shorter than our accredited courses. This means that you can learn a new skill set in a short time and get your foot in the job market sooner.

Visit our courses page to find out more about our courses.  

Does College SA offer recognised qualifications?

Yes, College SA also offers several recognised and accredited qualifications; however, you will require a Grade 12 certificate to register for one of our accredited courses. College SA offers accredited Accounting and Bookkeeping, Business Management and Office Administration, Human Resource Management, and Technical courses (Motor Trade, Welding, Boilermaking, Electrical, Fitter and Turner).

If you would like to find out more about these courses, visit our courses page.

What should I study to increase my job opportunities?

According to the National List of Occupations in High Demand in 2018, the following jobs are in high demand at the moment. If you are still thinking about what career you would like to pursue, consider one of the following fields:

  • Boilermaker
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Electrician
  • Small Engine Mechanic
  • Tractor Mechanic
  • General Manager of Public Service
  • Senior Government Official
  • Credit Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Supply and Distribution Manager
  • Small Business Manager
  • Tourist Information Officer
  • Health and Safety Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer

For the complete list of Occupations in High Demand, click here.

What should I do next?

No matter if you have a Matric certificate or not, if you are ready to take control of your future and further your education, give College SA a call. Remember, education is the key to getting that job that you want and minimising the risk of becoming long-term unemployed.

Call us on 0861 663 663 to speak to one of Educational Planners today. You can also fill in the form on our website, and one of our Educational Planners will call you back. Remember, our registration is open all year round, so you can register with us whenever you are ready to take your education to the next level.