Jobs in demand in South Africa this 2019

With the unemployment rate sitting at 26%, one cannot afford to not further your education. There are several jobs that have shown a decrease in demand but also some that have shown a noticeable increase.  

Advertising jobs have dropped prominently in 2018. It could be because small business owners are learning to do their own advertising/marketing to save money, or marketing staff is becoming more competent in different fields in advertising. Whatever the reason for this drop, the employment prospects seem to remain positive.   

Other jobs that have shown a decrease in demand are admin, office and support and medical sectors. Construction, engineering and manufacturing jobs, on the other hand, have shown a slight increase.   

Jobs that are on the increase in 2019 include purchasing and procurement, internal auditing, financial/project accounting, recruitment specialist etc.

Jobs in demand in South Africa 

The Department of Higher Education and Training published a list of over 370 jobs that are in high demand in South Africa. This list is split up into three sections including highest demand, higher demand and high demand.   

Some jobs that fall under the highest demand section include finance manager and manufacturer. Higher demand jobs include software developers and dental hygienist. High demand jobs include actuary and registered nurse.

For a complete list of jobs in high demand in South Africa, click here.    

What are occupations in high demand?  

The Department of Higher Education and Training classifies jobs as in high demand if they show strong employment growth, are experiencing shortages in the labour market or are jobs that are expected to be in demand in the coming year.  

South Africa’s top employment sectors 

According to Career Junction, the following sectors show promising and positive employment prospects.

  • Information Technology 
  • Architecture and Engineering 
  • Building & Construction 
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Repair 
  • Business and Management 

What courses should you study to be considered for jobs in high demand?

College SA offers a wide range of courses. You can study accredited and a non-accredited course with College SA. The courses listed below are accredited and come with a recognised qualification.      

  • ICB Accounting and Bookkeeping 
  • ICB Business Management and Office Administration  
  • Computer Courses 
  • Technical Engineering Courses 
  • Human Resource Management 
  • Occupational Health and Safety Courses

What can I study if I do not have a Matric?  

If you did not pass your Matric or finished high school, you can enrol for one of College SA’s non-accredited courses. The key to being employed is having the right skills. Our non-accredited courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a specific field.  

Although these courses are not recognised, they still add value to your CV and can help you get a job.  

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Registering with College SA  

College SA is a distance learning college, so you will complete your studies from home. There are no classes and only our accredited courses have exams. However, both accredited and non-accredited courses have assignments that you have to complete and submit back to the college.   

To register for a course, simply fill in the form on our website and one of our Educational Planners will contact you back. Alternatively, you can call us on 0861 663 663 to register or inquire about our courses.  

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