Should I study Child Care and how do I do it?

Is it really that  important to study childcare?

If you are reading this blog you probably have a fairly good idea of what childcare is, but perhaps you are still wondering, why should I study this? You seem to understand kids and maybe you even have kids of your own, so what can you really learn from a childcare course?

The first question you need to ask yourself is, am I passionate about helping children learn and develop?

If your answer is yes, then a course is a very good idea

Sure you have a garage you aren’t using, you know a few games and songs that will keep the kids entertained while their parents are at work, or, maybe you just want to work at a daycare in your community for extra income. But, is this good enough?

Children are complex beings in the early stages of learning and development. In these stages of discovering the world, children need as much encouragement, patience, and guidance as they can get.

Many caregivers don’t realise the huge role and responsibility they have in children’s development - some think it is perfectly fine to simply entertain children until it’s time to go home. Working with children on a daily basis means that you need to care about their development; you need to care that they learn something, and you need to take the time to help them.

Children need you

South Africa needs quality childcare! We need people who are passionate and who are willing to go the extra mile, not so much for their own gain, but because it is important to our children. We need to make sure that as a nation we look after our children’s’ well-being – from an early age. We need people who are trained and that can deal with children from a multitude of backgrounds and family circumstances.

The reality of South Africa is that, for many children, the time spent at their daycare is the only input, encouragement and attention they get.

That’s why we need people who are not only aware of a child’s needs but also pay attention and respond appropriately to these needs - whether nutrition, differences in learning abilities, health and safety or helping them to integrate socially.

The problem of the economy

One of the barriers to quality care is that for parents it is expensive to send their child to a good, quality day care. Apart from the expense, day care centres can be very elitist – only accepting certain children based on subjective reasons.

For people who want to study a childcare course it can become very expensive to get all the ‘right’ qualifications (that a lot of the more elite daycare centres insist upon), and in practice don’t really solve the greater need.

This means that we still face with a massive problem which in the long term can negatively affect children.

Why study a child care course through College SA?

So, how can we solve this problem? By meeting in the middle – offering quality education at an affordable price and subsequently offering childcare that meets the needs of children and suits the budgets of parents.

The College SA courses take you through the stages of children’s development where you will learn what they need at each stage; how you can help them when they face social or learning difficulties, and how you can ensure their health and safety while they are in your care.

Our courses are also cheaper which means educating yourself is less of a financial burden and in turn, you are able to offer quality service at an affordable price.

The knowledge that you build up through this course turns your passion into something that you can use to change the lives of children by making their learning stages as fun and easy as possible. Your passion combined with your knowledge will be the driving force behind what you do day-in and day-out especially when it gets difficult.

College SA offers Child Day Care courses as well various short courses like Au Pair, and Introduction to Childhood Psychology.