Project Management Courses: Should I study project management courses?

Have you ever considered studying project management but not quite sure whether this is the career for you? Before you can decide on whether this is the career for you, you first have to learn more about project management courses. Let’s take a look at what project management courses entail.

Project management courses focus on equipping you with the knowledge and skill to manage work projects efficiently and reach your project goals successfully. Project management courses usually cover subjects such as project planning, budgeting, business communication, strategic planning, conflict management and risk management.

There are various project management courses that you can study. You can either choose to study general project management courses or you can study project management courses that focus on one specific are such as construction, IT or business.  

Why study College SA project management courses?

College SA offers two project management courses. They are:

  • Proficiency Certificate in Project Management Basics
  • Skills Certificate in Project Management

These two project management courses follow on one another, meaning that you have to start with the proficiency certificate courses before you can continue to the skills certificate.

The Proficiency Certificate in Project Management course focuses on the theory and practice of project management. By studying this course, you will learn how to manage projects and participate in project teams.

The Skills Certificate in Project Management course focuses on the different phases of project management and how to successfully manage each phase. You will also learn how to manage a project team and deal with issues that may arise during the development of the project.   

Reasons to choose project management as a career

A career in project management can be quite lucrative; when you have the right qualification and experience. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should study project management courses and pursue a professional career in this field.

  • There is a great demand for skilled project managers.
  • A project management qualification allows you to find employment in various industries.
  • Project managers are generally well paid, which promises a lucrative career.
  • There are many opportunities for career advancement.
  • Your work will make an impact on the world.


We hope that the information we provided above will help you make an informed decision about whether you want to study project management courses and pursue a career in this field.