Human Resource Management Jobs

What jobs can you get when you study human resource management?

There are many areas you can specialise in with a human resource management qualification. You can climb the career ladder into a management role or you can choose a different path like training people, consulting etc.     

Below is a list of jobs you can specialise in with a human resource management qualification. These jobs are popular because of the job satisfaction rate, variety and career potential they offer.

Popular careers in human resources management

Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers work directly with the employees. They coordinate and plan HR related activities and manage them once implemented. This will include hiring of new employees, creating benefit programmes, training staff, dealing with labour disputes and administrative needs that are important to the employees in the organisation.    

HR managers have a positive impact on the people in the company. This is why it is such a satisfactory job.

HR Consultant

As a human resource consultant, you can choose whom you work with and how much you are going to charge for the job. A human resource consultant can specialise in various fields including benefits, staff incentives and rewards, employee motivation, company culture after mergers, retirement plans as well as recruiting and training of new employees. Before taking on a new project, they first assess the company’s current situation and offer help and recommendations that can turn the company’s profits.           

Training & Development Manager

If you love teaching people new things, this could be the corporate career path for you. Training and development managers help employees develop their skills and improve their work efficiency. Training is usually done through workshops, conferences and one-on-one training sessions.

The training and development manager is often in charge of designing the coursework for the employees, focusing specifically on skills gaps. They also have to find ways to make the training sessions fun and informative to keep the staff engaged. If you like standing up in front of a group of people and conducting a meeting or training session, then you should have no problem striving in this field.         

Employee Education Consultant

Employee education consultants do similar work as training and development managers. They also hold classes, workshops and conferences to help staff improve their knowledge and skills. Employee education consultants are usually hired on a contract basis and only work with a company for a few weeks.

As an employee education consultant, you get to choose your own working hours and clients. If you only want to work six months a year, you can. This makes it a great job for anyone who love teaching but also the freedom of working when and where you want to.    

International Human Resources Professional

This field of specialisation offers exactly what it says: the opportunity to travel abroad. International human resource professionals are responsible for employing people into global positions, training and developing standards across an international company, implementing benefit plans, labor relations, employee training programmes and more. This job is ideal for people who love to travel, learn multiple languages and meet new people.       

Human Resources Executive

Experienced HR managers can easily get a job in an executive position. This position offers great benefits and an above average income. The role of the HR executive is to manage every aspect of the human resources department. This includes contract signings, recruitments, training and development and benefits.         

Non-profit Human Resources Expert

A non-profit human resource expert could work as a recruiter, human resource manager, human resource executive or as any other HR professional working in a non-profit environment. The work they do have a positive impact on the world around them. This could be anything from health, education, arts, preserving cultures or anything else that non-profit organisations do. Not only do they play a role in the betterment of the world but they also have a positive impact on people directly.  

Human Resource Entrepreneur

In today’s competitive job market, many people quit their full-time job and pursue an entrepreneurial venture, even human resource managers. With a human resource background, you can start your own headhunting firm, recruitment agency, and HR consulting business or take on the role of a subcontracted HR department. This career path offers the freedom of choosing your own clients and working hours.

With so many companies outsourcing their HR functions, this career remains a promising one.  

Where can I study human resource management courses?

College SA offers both accredited and non-accredited human resource management courses. These courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skill to take on the role of a human resource manager.

Accredited Courses

  • SABPP National Diploma in Human Resource Management and Practice

Non-accredited Courses

  • Business Management Short Course Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Business Management Proficiency Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Business Management Skills Certificate in Human Resource Management

To learn more about these courses, visit our Human Resource Management Programme Page