Finding an ICB Training Provider

Where can I study an ICB course?

Although the ICB has developed bookkeeping and accounting courses they don’t actually offer these courses themselves; in other words, you can write your exams with them but they don’t offer study support nor provide study material. The ICB does, however offer a few suggestions on how you can go about successfully completing their courses.

There are three ways of studying an ICB course:


You can register online as an ICB student. You will have to pay a registration fee and an annual student subscription. The student subscription is due at the beginning of each academic year; so for each year that you study you will have to pay a student subscription. The ICB states on their website that they don’t advise this route because you will have to source textbooks yourself, find and register at an examination centre and you will have no help preparing for exams. The ICB don’t assist students with technical or study related queries which is why they advise that you enrol at a training provider.


This option is best suited to people who can study full-time or are able to attend classes at night (should your college of choice offer this option). This option gives you the opportunity to ask lectures direct questions as you work though the course material as well as interact with other students, face-to-face.

You will, however have to keep to the pace of the class (slow or fast) and attend classes regularly for the benefit of study support.

You have to register with the college and they will register you with the ICB. Study and registration fees differ from college to college. You will have to visit the relevant colleges’ website or contact them directly for registration and fee information.

Your study material may be provided by the college or you may have to buy your own textbooks. This may also differ between colleges.

Distance learning

More people are starting to prefer this option. Distance learning allows you to study at your own pace, at your own time, wherever you are. This is also the most cost effective way of studying; not only do you save on tuition fees but also travelling costs and, in many cases, time.

Your distance learning provider will register you on the ICB’s database and provide you with necessary study material and textbooks. Many distance learning institutions have online forums or classrooms where you can connect with fellow students and tutors. These institutions create platform for students to discuss course material and ask questions.

Many of these institutions also have tutors that are available via email or telephone that offer student support and answer any queries.

These colleges give students assignments and feedback to help you better prepare for the ICB examinations.

Your lifestyle, finances and responsibilities will determine which of these options are best suited to you.

Many students decide to get their ICB qualification through College SA because:

  • It is cheaper
  • You can set your own pace
  • Your course material and textbooks are couriered to you
  • We have an online classroom that offers student support and study discussions
  • You can begin studying at anytime
  • We make sure you are well prepared for your exams
  • We have tutors that understand challenges that come with distance learning
  • Our bookkeeping and accounting tutors are well trained in their field and understand the course material and job market

For many people choosing a distance learning course is the most manageable option. You are also able to gain valuable work experience while studying. 

College SA offers the following ICB courses