Business Management and Office Administration Courses

We offer several Business Management, as well as Office Administration courses accredited by the ICB. Our range of Short Courses in Business Management is perfect for the purpose of self-enrichment.

By studying one of our Business Management and Office Administration courses, you could:

  • Gain the skills to work in the business management sector
  • Become an entrepreneur and start your own business
  • Acquire the skills to qualify for a job promotion
  • Improve your business knowledge and skills



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Accredited courses
Number of courses: 3

Dreaming of managing a business? These ICB courses show you how to manage and grow every part of a business.

Accredited courses
Number of courses: 3

Plan, implement and manage administrative processes within a business. This ICB course allows you to gain a qualification that is very valuable to employers.

Non-accredited short courses
by College SA
Number of courses: 1

Improve your management skills! These courses will help you build on your present knowledge of managing various business elements

Why should I study a College SA Business Management course or an Office Administration Course?

Business Management courses as well as Office Administration courses are a great option if you are considering a career in business. Not only is there a demand for skilled business professionals in all occupations and industries, but it is a widely respected profession.

A qualification in business management and office administration can open many doors, especially for entrepreneurs. What’s more, it is a very diverse field, making it suitable for all types of personalities and thinkers. There are various areas to specialise in; these include credit, information technology, general and production and operations management.

A business course or office admin course can lay a strong foundation for further academic studies. With the unlimited growth potential business studies offers, you can always change your future goals and explore a new career venture.  

  • The industry is competitive; doing a business or office administration course will put you a step ahead of your peers.
  • There is good mobility within these industries. You are able to advance your career and grow your skills and knowledge continuously.
  • There are plenty of job opportunities.
  • These industries offer good salaries. Further study and more experience will influence your earning potential positively.

What is Business Management?

Business management involves the running of a business; setting goals and objectives and ensuring that they are achieved. The main function of business management is to plan, control, organise and lead, not only the business, but also its employees.

What is the difference between Business Management and Business/Office Administration?

Even though they are offered as two separate fields of study, some overlap can be found. Business/office administration involves performing the day-to-day administrative functions in a company. Business management involves overseeing and managing all the duties of the business/office administrator, as well as the rest of the company.

What does a Business Manager and/or Office Administrator do?

Business Managers:

  • Manage operations
  • Allocate resources to meet business goals
  • Plan objectives
  • Organise the different business functions to meet objectives
  • Organise, supervise and motivate personnel

 Business/Office Administrators:

  • Keep record of day-to-day business
  • Bill clients and manage payroll
  • Delegate work to personnel
  • Manage distribution and logistics within the company

Where to study Business Management courses or Office Administration courses?

College SA offers a range of business management courses as well as office administration courses; this includes ICB Office Administration, ICB Business Entrepreneurship, ICB Business Management, General Management, Small Business Management, Credit Management, Production and Operations Management and Information Technology Management.

Want to study to become an Office Manager?

An office manager is responsible for running and keeping the administrative side of a company organised. College SA offers three different courses in office administration – a 20-month Office Administration Certificate with six subjects to complete, an 8-month Office Administration Higher Certificate with three subjects to complete, and a 7-month Office Administration Diploma with three subjects to complete. 


Want to study to become a Business Manager?

Business managers are responsible for running companies and organisations. A good knowledge of business and financial management, office and legal practice, human resources and computer literacy is essential. College SA offers three different business college courses – a 12-month Small Business Financial Management National Certificate with three subjects to complete, a 16-month Office Administration Higher Certificate with five subjects to complete, and a 9-month Financial Accounting Diploma with three subjects to complete.               

Want to study to become a Production and Operations Manager?

Production and operations managers work in companies that offer products and services. They are responsible for overseeing the operations and production aspects of the business. College SA offers three different production and operations courses – a 6-month Production and Operations Management Short Course with three subjects to complete, a 6-month Production and Operations Management Proficiency Course with three subjects to complete, and a 13-month Production and Operations Management Advanced Course with six subjects to complete.