Child Day Care Courses

We offer an Educare Fundamentals course which covers the different aspects of working within child care, at a child care centre or raising your own children. 

By studying this short course, you could:

  • Pursue a career in child care
  • Be more informed and hands-on when taking care of your child
  • Help save a child’s life by studying a First Aid course



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Make a difference in children's lives. Study a child day care course and learn how to provide a safe environment in which children learn and play.

Why should I study a College SA Child Day Care Course?

South Africa is in need of affordable, quality childcare. It is easy to find a crèche, day care or play school, but finding one that is trustworthy, meets a child’s needs, and is affordable has become increasingly difficult. Child caregivers don’t necessarily need degrees, but they do have to do some formal training, like a childcare course.

What is Child Day Care?

Child caregivers are the parents away from home. They look after and care for infants, toddlers and children while their parents are at work. They play an important role in the development of children by offering not only physical care, but also intellectual stimulation and emotional care.

Child caregivers need an understanding of how children develop, what challenges they may face and how to assist them through development. They also need to know how to safeguard the child’s environment and respond in emergencies.

What do Child Caregivers do?

Childcare facilities and child caregivers play an important role in caring for infants, toddlers and children. They do this by:

  • Looking after the physical needs of infants, toddlers and children.
  • Helping with homework/age-appropriate intellectual stimulation.
  • Facilitating activities that help with child development.
  • Preparing meals.
  • Supervising playtime and children’s interaction with one another.
  • Having first aid training in case of an emergency.