What will you learn in this CompTIA A+ Exam 1001 & 1002 course?

This course is the most essential certification if you want to pursue a career in IT. It is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced IT professionals. The A+ certification will equip you with a good understanding of hardware and software technologies and the skills to support complex IT infrastructures. These exams not only lay the foundation to further education and a bright career, but also make you an asset to any company. In a world driven by technology we need your expertise!

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Textbooks can be extremely expensive and some institutions do not include it in the course fee. Not at College SA! Our study material and textbooks are included in the total course price, so you do not have to worry about sourcing your own textbooks. We will send you all the necessary study material to complete this course.

Course Cost and Duration

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What is included in the course fees?

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Course Starting Dates

With College SA, you can start studying whenever you want: there are no specific course starting dates since we offer distance learning. Please speak to our Educational Planners about your enrolment and study options.

Exam Information

Exam Dates:

Due to the nature of the program, all the assessments are Computer Based, thus done online. You are required to find a venue (assessment information below), book and pay for your online assessment. You will be required to provide the assessment center at least a two (2) week window for them to prepare your assessment.

Exam Fees:

The course examination fees are not included in your course. Unfortunately, the venues do not allow tuition providers to pay for learners and request that a learner do so themselves. Due to the fluctuation of the exam costs (R/$ exchange) we are unable to assist you with exam costs and require you contact the venue to determine the costs. 


Assessments Information

You will be provided with the necessary study material so that you can prepare for your external exam. These exams are Computer-Based Assessments and are held at registered Pearson VUE Assessment Centre. You will need to purchase your exam voucher from: www. comptiastore.co.za. Once you have done this, you will need to go to http://www.pearsonvue. com/comptia/ to create your testing account, locate a testing center near you, and schedule your exam with them. Your exam score will be shown on your screen immediately after you’ve completed your exam. If you’ve passed the exam, please make sure that you keep a record of your score report with your exam registration number.

Accreditation Info

Status: Accredited course
Type & reward: International Certificate - International CompTIA A+ Computer Technician Certificate
Provided by: CompTIA
Minimum credits: N/A

College SA is a registered provider of CompTIA training programmes. CompTIA is an internationally-recognised organisation that provides students who have passed their exams with a certification that is industry-endorsed. This means that most employers within the IT industry worldwide trust the CompTIA certification, as it validates your technical computer knowledge. Therefore, a qualification from CompTIA increases your employability and the possibility of earning a higher salary. They also connect a network of IT professionals with one another, and offer refresher courses and continuous support. They are committed to upholding and encouraging adherence to professional standards in order to sustain and further the IT industry.


Entry Requirements

  • Grade 10
  • Learners must be 16 years or older
  • The ability to read and write in English
  • Access to a computer AND access to the internet
  • Advanced computer literacy

Professional Designation

CompTIA A+ designation

What subjects make up this course:

What are subjects?

Subjects are the particular fields of study that are covered in a course. The subjects below make up this course and will need to be completed in order for you to complete this course.

This is the study material you will receive when you enrol for the CompTIA A+ Exam 1001 & 1002 Course. Your study material for this course includes a textbook and study guide.

CompTIA A+ 1001 & 1002

CompTIA A+ Essential: Exam 1001

• Motherboard, Processors and Memory

• Storage Devices and Power Supplies

• Peripherals and Expansions

• Display Devices

• Custom Configurations

• Networking Fundamentals

• Introduction to TCP/IP

• Installing Wireless and SOHO Networks

• Understanding Laptops

• Installing and Configuring Printers

• Understanding Operational Procedures


CompTIA A+ Practical Application: Exam 1002

• Operating System Basics

• Operating System Administration

• Working with Windows 7

• Working with Windows Vista

• Working with Windows XP

• Security • Mobile Devices

• Troubleshooting Theory, OS's and Security

• Hardware and Network Troubleshooting