Events Management Courses

College SA offers a range of events management courses. These courses are all provider programmes, which means that they are developed, curated and assessed by College SA. These courses will give you a better understanding of the events management profession and prepare you for a career in events.

By studying one of our Events Management courses, you could:

  • Secure yourself a job in the events industry
  • Start your own events planning business
  • Improve your current events management knowledge and skills and request an increase or promotion in your current workplace



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Study one of our events management courses and acquire the skills to organise events of all kinds, manage event staff and consult with clients.

Why should I study Events Management?

Events management is a fast-paced, high-pressure, yet exciting and rewarding career path. Depending on your interests you can organise events like weddings, corporate functions, fashion shows, exhibitions, concerts and even charity events.

People who gravitate toward a career in planning and coordinating events often say that planning is in their blood – they just can’t help taking control and planning events that wow; even if it’s just a family birthday!

Event planners are sociable and know how to make guests feel in awe of the event they are attending. They ensure that everything runs smoothly, that problems are sorted without bothering the host and know how to make it all seem effortless.

What is Events Management?

Events management is a very diverse field and it entails being in charge of organising any kind of party or function in a professional and efficient manner.

What do Events Managers do?

Events managers conceptualise, plan and organise events by:

  • Meeting with clients to get an idea of what they want.
  • Creating a concept, plan and budget for the event.
  • Procuring what is needed for the event - a venue, catering, entertainment etc.
  • Organising the logistics of the event; ensuring that all the different parts of the event work together in a timely manner.

Where to study Events Management?

College SA offers events management courses that vary in length, as well as the different aspects of events. You can choose to focus on general events management or planning specific kinds of events.

Want to study to be an Events Coordinator?

We offer a provider programme with three levels to help you boost your career in events management. The 6-month Events Coordination short course introduces you to the basics of events like planning an event, types of events and starting a career in events. This course covers three modules and forms the foundation of further studies.

The Events Coordination Proficiency Certificate course covers five modules over a period of eight months. This course builds on the Events Coordination Short Course and explores topics like networking, creating and managing project teams, the various aspects of events and events in the tourism industry.

The Events Coordination Skills Certificate course builds on the Proficiency Certificate, and explores topics like advanced events management, the business of events and events design. The course stretches over four months and covers three modules.

Want to study a specialised Events Course?

College SA also offers four specialised events courses for experienced events managers who want to upskill in a specific area. These courses all have a study period of two months and cover Business Events, Entertainment Events, Exhibition Events and Sports Events.