Graphic Design, Web Design and Photography Courses

College SA offers a range of industry endorsed graphic design courses, which will give you a better understanding of design software and equip you with the skills to create and edit unique designs with artistic and decorative effects.

By studying one of our Graphic Design, Web Design or Photography courses, you could:

  • Start doing freelance work in your spare time
  • Improve your current skills
  • Gain fundamental design skills, necessary to apply for a graphic design position



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Non-accredited courses
by College SA
Number of courses: 3

Study one of College SA's graphic design courses and become a designer. Learn to create brochures, business cards, web pages, videos and much more.

Non-accredited courses
by College SA
Number of courses: 3

Enrol for one of our Adobe Creative Cloud courses and equip yourself with the knowledge and skill required to become a professional graphic designer.

Why should I study a College SA Design Course?

Studying a design course gives you the freedom to express creativity in your work and allows you to share your talent with the world. Another plus is that the design industry evolves rapidly and the software constantly changes, giving you the opportunity to continuously learn new things and develop your skill set.

Working as a designer, you can do freelance work to boost your income or even start your own business.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design involves using text, illustrations, symbols, photos, textures and colours to design print and web-based media. Graphic designers can work in any industry and their workload can vary from packaging, advertising and branding, to marketing and digital design. The main goal of a successful design is to grab the reader’s attention, relay the client’s message to its target market and urge the customer to take action.

What do Graphic Designers do?

Graphic designers usually work on a variety of projects such as websites, advertisements, magazine layouts, posters, computer games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays, corporate communications and identities and much more.

A graphic designer typically gets briefed on a project and then proceeds to develop creative ideas and concepts to meet the specified objectives. Communication skills are crucial when meeting with a client. The graphic designer has to listen intently and interpret exactly what the client wants and needs. Once the graphic designer has established what the client wants, he or she can start designing illustrations that visually communicate the client’s message to the target audience.

To become a graphic designer, you require creative flair, good industry software knowledge and skill, and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

What is Web Design?

Web design covers the various functions of creating and maintaining a website. From designing the graphics to developing the user interface and writing the code needed for the website to be functional.

What do Web Designers do?

The web design field is quite broad and there are many aspects that can be classified as web design.  Web designers have to be both technical-minded and creative in order to build and design websites.  They must be able to understand how to develop a website that will be user-friendly and visually appealing at the same time.

Web designers that can do creative design and write code are in high demand, and the industry is expected to keep on growing exponentially.

What is Digital Photography?

Digital photography refers to using a digital camera, instead of a film camera, to take photographs. In the past, professional photographers had to use film to take photos, develop the film and then print the photos they wanted to use. This process took a long time and they were limited by the size of the film.

With the rise of technology, the use of digital images became more and more popular and these days it is highly unlikely to find a company that still uses film for business purposes.

What do Digital Photographers do?

Digital photographers use digital cameras to take photographs. They have to be able to use photo-editing software to edit these photos on a computer and then store it on a hard drive, memory card or flash drive.

In the past, photography was a very expensive hobby to have, but with high-quality digital cameras and easy-to-use editing software readily available to anyone these days, many people have started their own part-time photography businesses to boost their income.

Where to study a Design course?

College SA offers a range of creative courses; this includes Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Acrobat and InDesign; as well as Digital Photography and Web Design courses.  

Want to study to become a Graphic Designer?

Graphic designers use their creativity and design skills to create images and illustrations that inspire, inform and captivate consumers. They design these visual concepts by using professional design software. College SA offers six Adobe Creative Cloud design courses, each with a study period of four months and 2 subjects to complete. You can study Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Professional, Dreamweaver, Acrobat DC, and InDesign. We also offer a Graphic Design Short Course Certificate that has four subjects to complete over eight months.

Want to study to become a Web Designer?

Web designers are responsible for building and designing the overall look of a website. They have to create websites that are functional, easy to use and appealing. College SA offers a Web Design Short Course Certificate with five subjects to complete over 10 months.

Want to study to become a Desktop Publisher?

Desktop publishers design page layouts for newspapers, books, brochures, and other print and online material. They combine text, graphics and other elements to create a layout that is easy to read and follow. College SA offers an 8-month Desktop Publishing Short Course Certificate with five subjects to complete.         

Want to study to become a Digital Photographer?

Digital photographers use cameras that use electronic photo-detectors to capture an image. They take photos of people, animals, landscapes, food and other points of interest. After taking the photos, they also edit the images to fix flaws or make it more vibrant. College SA offers a 12-month Digital Photography Proficiency Certificate with one subject to complete.