Tourism Courses

College SA’s tourism courses are non-accredited provider programmes. These courses are aimed at students who are interested in marketing and management in the tourism industry.

By studying one of our Tourism courses, you could:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to work in the tourism industry
  • Acquire the skills to perform tourism marketing and management tasks
  • Possibly qualify for a job promotion



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Non-accredited courses
by College SA
Number of courses: 2

Enrol for one of our tourism courses and learn to combine the different aspects tourism to develop and expand services or a business.

Why should I study a College SA Tourism Course?

The tourism industry’s main goal is to ensure that visitors to our beautiful country enjoy everything we have to offer, and feel safe and secure during their stay. 

The industry employs a wide variety of people with a range of skills; all dedicated to drive, support and expand tourism in South Africa.

What is Guest House Management and Tourism?

The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in South Africa, and revolves around food, tourist attractions and accommodation. There is an increasing need for skilled staff, and people who have studied in this field can be found working in restaurants, hotels, casinos, guesthouses and other tourism-related businesses.

Job opportunities are overtaking the number of trained employees, and educating yourself in this field, especially one that focuses on management, can equip you with a strong set of skills and open many doors. These skills are transferable and can be used in many careers far beyond hospitality and tourism, allowing you to make a career change if you should ever tire of the field.

What does a career in Tourism Management involve?

Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing is about applying marketing principles to the tourism sector. Careers include marketing, sales, public relations and events. These careers focus on maintaining a good image of the industry and encouraging tourists to use your service or attend your event. Many people begin at a junior level as assistants or coordinators. Your career advancement depends on your goals, skills and experience.

Tourism Management

Tourism management includes all activities related to providing for the needs of tourists. There are many career opportunities available in car rental, travel bookings, transfer services, tourist attractions, spas and resorts. Events/conferences, if for tourism purposes, also fall under tourism management. Most people begin at a junior level in front-desk or customer service positions. Many tourism jobs offer ‘on-the-job’ training, but a good foundation knowledge – like a course in tourism management – is beneficial. Your career path will depend on your goals, skills, interests and experience.

Where to study Tourism?

College SA offers a two tourism courses; this includes a Tourism Marketing Skills Certificate and Tourism Management Skills Certificate.    

Want to study to work in the Tourism industry?

Advantages of a career in tourism include:

  • Your service in the tourism industry can help the country achieve economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability
  • You will gain transferable skills
  • There are a wide variety of job possibilities in the tourism sector

College SA offers two 12-month tourism courses – a Tourism Marketing Skills Certificate and a Tourism Management Skills Certificate, each with just one subject to complete.