Human Resource Management (HR) Courses

College SA offers both accredited and non-accredited human resource management courses. These hr courses will give you a better understanding of the human resource industry and equip you with the skills to take on the role and responsibilities of a human resource manager.

By studying one of our Human Resource Management courses, you could:

  • Apply for a human resource management job in the business or HR sector
  • Improve your current HR skills and qualify for a promotion or salary increase
  • Make yourself indispensable in the workplace



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Accredited courses
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This HR management diploma is nationally accredited, internationally recognised, and suitable for those who would like to become an HR practitioner.

Why study a College SA Human Resource Training and Development Course?

The Human Resources industry is experiencing a steady growth and job opportunities are increasing yearly. As a qualified HR manager you can help employees develop their skills and grow their careers.

This is an essential position in any company and if you have the right skills and drive, you will be able to have a high earning potential.

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource (HR) management refers to the management of employees in a company - from employing new staff, seeing to employee compensation and benefits, to managing disciplinary procedures.

What does a Human Resource Manager do?

Human resource managers are responsible for employing skilled staff that fit the job profile, can work efficiently and are reliable and motivated. Without hardworking and trained employees, businesses would have a difficult time reaching their goals and achieving success.

Not only are hr managers responsible for sourcing and recruiting new employees, but they also need to monitor staff performance and identify and provide ways in which employees can improve their skills and work more efficiently. One of the key purposes of human resource management is to ensure that all employees stay productive and happy in the workplace.

Where to study HR courses?

College SA offers a range of hr courses; this includes SABPP Human Resource Management and Practice National Diploma, Human Resource Management Short Course, Human Resource Management Proficiency Course, and Human Resource Management Advanced Course. 

Want to study to become a Human Resource Manager?

As long as new companies form and organisations continue to expand their operations, there will be a continuous need for human resource managers to oversee and manage a company‚Äôs employee programmes. College SA offers two hr programmes. Firstly, there is the SABPP-accredited Human Resource Management National Diploma that spans over 36 months and has a total of nine subjects to complete in the study period. Secondly, we offer a provider programmer with three skills levels - a Human Resource Management Short Course with a study period of six months and three subjects to complete, a Human Resource Management Proficiency Course with a study period of six months and three subjects to complete, and a Human Resource Management Advanced Course with a study period of 12 months and six subjects to complete.