Interior Decorating and Design Courses

Our Interior Decorating courses introduce you to the principles and elements of decorating as well as the history of art and architecture as it applies to decorating. Our Interior Design courses introduce you to various creative elements of design but also technical skills that will ease your design process and dealings with clients and the building industry.


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Non accredited courses
by College SA
From R1190.00 per month
Number of courses: 5

Leave your mark on interior spaces. Our interior decorating or design courses will show you how to combine professional techniques with your own creativity!

Non accredited courses
by College SA
From R890.00 per month
Number of courses: 11

These courses show you what you need to know to design or decorate spaces like hotels or lodges, offices, shops, or restaurants.

Why should I study one of College SA’s Interior Design or Interior Decorating Courses?

An interior design or decorating course not only focuses on the creative elements of an interior space, but also the technical aspects such as architectural structure and layout. Studying an interior design or decorating course will help you understand the basic principles of design, teach you the necessary skills to work in the design industry, and also how to start your own small business.

What is Interior Decorating and Design?

An interior design or decorating course involves learning to combine creative and technical elements to create an interior space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior decorating focuses on the elements that are used for making the space ‘look pretty’. Interior design focuses on the structural design of a room and can be more functional in nature, although it can also bring an element of individuality and aesthetic appeal to a space.

What does an Interior Decorator do?

Interior decorators are creative and combine colour, fabric, decorative pieces and furniture to decorate rooms. They have a keen eye for combining various elements to create spaces that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

What does an Interior Designer do?

Interior design is a more technical approach to interior spaces. Interior designers design fixed decorative structures and work closely with architects and builders to combine the practical with the aesthetic. Interior designers are also very creative and have a good sense of which elements will enhance a space.

Where to study Interior Design and Decorating

College SA offers courses in both interior decorating and design that cover various aspects of design and decorating principles. Our short courses broaden your understanding of the elements that influence interior decorating and design. Furthermore, we offer short courses that add practical skills to your theoretical knowledge, like Google SketchUp or Kitchen Design.

Want to a study to be an Interior Decorator?

If you have a flair for creating beautiful rooms and decorating with style, consider studying the College SA Interior Decorating provider programme that has two courses, each with a study period of six months and three subjects to complete.

Start with the Interior Decorating Short Course Certificate that gives you a basic understanding of the principles of interior decorating and level up with the Interior Design Proficiency certificate that explores different aspects like furniture styles and architecture, basic drawing techniques, and materials used in interior decorating.

This 10-month short course introduces you to foundational interior design modules. There are five modules in this curse which cover topics like drawing, business practice, art history and interior decorating basics.

Want to study to be an Interior Designer?

If you are more interested in designing rooms and interior layouts, consider the College SA Interior Design set of certificate courses. Start with the 10-month Interior Design Proficiency Certificate that has five modules and introduces you to the foundation of interior design. Level up with the Interior Design Skills Certificate that has a study period of eight months and four subjects to complete. Finish up your studies with the Interior Design Expert Certificate that teaches you about advanced technical drawing, presentation drawing, SketchUp and interior architecture. This course stretches over eight months and allows you to refine your understanding of important interior design concepts as well as your drawing skills.

Want to study History of Art?

Art has always and continues to greatly influence interior decorating and design. In six months you will learn about the most prominent periods of art, influential artists and different styles. As an interior decorator or designer, you will be in constant contact with elements of art and a solid understanding art history will make your job much easier.

Want to study History of Architecture?

Like art, architecture also affects interior decorating and design choices and decisions. Architecture styles and periods coincide with art styles and periods, and therefore they influence each other. This 6-month short course will introduce you to the most prolific architects of the 21st century, as well as the different architectural periods ranging from the pre-historic period to present day.

Want to study Google SketchUp?

Google SketchUp allows you to create a virtual design for your clients or your portfolio. Over a period of 6 months you will be introduced to the basic and advanced features of the software. This short course covers two modules -  Introduction to SketchUp and How to Build Your Portfolio in SketchUp.

Want to Study Presentation Drawing (3D)?

The Presentation Drawing Short Course teaches you how to sketch designs to scale, as well as how to add dimensions to your drawings.  You will cover three modules over six months learning drawing techniques and sketching design.

Want to Study Technical Drawing?

This short course covers introduction to technical drawing, as well as advanced technical drawing. This short course has a study period of six months.

Want to study Kitchen Design?

The Kitchen Design Proficiency Certificate is a fantastic way to diversify your design skills. This course covers project management and business practice, building construction, drawing, Google SketchUp and kitchen design principles over a period of 18 months.

Want to study Business Practice for Interior Designers?

This 6-month short course covers the basic business concepts each interior design business owner needs to know. This course shows you how to draw up a business plan and market your business, as well as how to manage the design process from start to finish.

Want to study Building Construction for Interior Designers?

Interior designers need a solid understanding of building construction and architecture, as it influences or poses limitation to designs. The duration of this short course is six months and covers three modules that include introduction to architecture and basic and advanced building construction.