Marketing Courses

These courses are divided into traditional marketing and digital marketing. The traditional marketing courses cover marketing principles, marketing research and other important business concepts that will help those working in marketing set marketing strategies that will grow their business. The Digital Marketing course helps those that would like to leverage the power of the internet to reach their target market. You will learn about different digital channels that can be used to support your marketing strategy.


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Not satisfied with your marketing know-how? Ensure the success of your business by furthering your knowledge of marketing principle.

Why should I study a College SA Marketing Course?

The Marketing field is extremely diverse and almost every industry requires the services of a marketing professional to promote their products and services.

It is a very dynamic and creative career option and you have to opportunity to be a generalist or specialise in a specific marketing channel.

What is Marketing Management?

Marketing management involves analysing, planning, implementing and managing marketing strategies that were designed to spread awareness, increase customer base and revenue.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing involves print and media. From business cards to newspaper advertisements and TV commercials; any form of marketing that doesn’t involve the internet.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital is the future of marketing. Examples of digital marketing include websites, social media, YouTube, banner ads, Google advertising etc. Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing, but can only be accessed on digital devices like computers, cellphones and tablets.

These days, people are constantly online and businesses have had to change their marketing strategies to reach their desired target markets.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

Marketing professionals tend to have a wide variety of job duties. Generally, they are responsible for, but not limited to, negotiating contracts, advertising media or products, designing marketing strategies, organising market research studies, analysing data and managing the marketing team.

Where to study Marketing Management?

College SA offers a range of marketing management courses; this includes Short Course Certificate in Marketing Management, Proficiency Certificate in Marketing Management, Skills Certificate in Marketing Management and Digital Marketing Proficiency Certificate.

Want to study to become a Marketing Manager?

Careers in marketing are expected to grow exponentially from 2012 through to 2022. The majority of the growth is expected to come from digital marketing channels. Thus, employment prospects for qualified digital marketing professionals keep increasing. Employment prospects and salary potential in marketing are generally affected by an individual’s qualifications and work experience. College SA offers four different courses in marketing management – a 6-month Marketing Management Short Course Certificate with three subjects to complete, a 6-month Marketing Management Proficiency Certificate with three subjects to complete, a 12-month Marketing Management Skills Certificate with six subjects to complete, and a 14-month Digital Marketing Proficiency Certificate with seven subjects to complete.