Personal Assistant Courses

The Personal Assistant: Short, Proficiency and Skills courses provide you with the different professional skills needed to provide administrative assistance to companies. You will learn about professional communication and conduct, how to provide good client service, and how to use a computer for business purposes.


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Non-accredited short course
by College SA
From R1100 per month
Number of months: 4

Study our personal assistant short course and learn how to carry out basic personal assistant duties for any organisation.

Non-accredited course
by College SA
From R970 per month
Number of months: 6

Become the best you can be with this executive assistant course. Expand your organisational, communication and administrative skills. Add value to your company!

Non-accredited course
by College SA
From R1010 per month
Number of months: 10

Add to your skills and experience on an executive level. This course will equip you with the skills to become a personal assistant for any executive.