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Supply Chain Courses

We offer a supply chain and logistics management proficiency certificate which will help you to better understand the process (chain) of moving products and services, supply and logistic strategies and challenges.

By studying our Supply Chain Management course, you could:

  • Look forward to a variety of career opportunities
  • Improve your knowledge and skills and possibly qualify for an increase or job advancement
  • Get the satisfaction of knowing you played a part in ensuring that goods get delivered where they are needed most
  • Help your company improve its supply chain systems and procedures to perform better



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Sharpen up your processes with a course in supply chain management! This course will help you provide a better and faster service to your customers.

Why should I study a College SA Supply Chain and Logistics Course?

Successful supply chain and logistics management is very important to sustain a business. By studying a supply chain and logistics course, you will be able to help a company’s logistics operations run smoothly and efficiently.

With the knowledge and skill obtained, you will be able to help a company with planning, procurement pricing, stock management and distribution/logistics. These aspects will assist a company with using the most proficient method to transport materials to and from their premises.

A qualification in a supply chain and logistics course will increase your chances of getting employed. Employers are constantly searching for candidates with knowledge and skill to drive a successful supply chain and logistics division.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management involves managing the flow of products and services. Coordinating the movement and storage of products, work-in-progress inventory, and finished products, from where it was first produced to where it will be used or sold, are all part of the supply chain process.

What does a Supply Chain Manager do?

A supply chain and logistics manager is responsible for managing the flow of products and services from where they are produced to where they are destined to go.

Responsibilities of a supply chain and logistics manager:

  • Planning and signing off delivery timetables.
  • Negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers.
  • Making sure that the warehouse has enough stock.
  • Making sure that the suppliers received their stock.
  • Managing the ordering and packaging of products.
  • Monitoring the stock levels.
  • Keeping track of products from manufacturing, to packaging to delivering.
  • Employing, training and managing staff.
  • Making sure targets are met every month.

Where to study Supply Chain and Logistics Management?

College SA offers a Supply Chain and Logistics Management Proficiency Certificate. 

Want to study to become a Supply Chain and Logistics Manager?

Our supply chain and logistics course will equip you with the knowledge and skill to manage customer satisfaction, measure and control costs and oversee the transport system. You will also learn how to manage the design and handling of storage and inventory systems, and the purchasing function of a supply chain. The Supply Chain and Logistics Management Proficiency Certificate with College SA can be studied over 13 months, with six subjects to complete during that time.