Engineering Studies (Motor Trade, Welding, Boilermaking, Electrical, Fitter and Turner Courses)

We offer nationally accredited technical college courses in electrical, motor trade, welding, boilermaking, and fitting and turning. Each of these courses is delivered from level N1 to N3.

By studying one of our Engineering Studies courses, you could:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to become your own boss
  • Work as an artisan in a technical field you love
  • Get a recognised qualification
  • Improve your chances of working for a professional company



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Accredited courses
by Umalusi
Number of courses: 4

Fix, maintain and restore motor vehicles! These N1 - N3 courses are the theoretical component to gaining a qualification in motor trade. Enrol today!

Accredited courses
by Umalusi
Number of courses: 4

Register now for a N1, N2 or N3 welding course. Gain your national certificate and take one step closer to a successful future and reaching your dreams!

Accredited courses
by Umalusi
Number of courses: 4

Speak to an educational planner today and register for a boilermaking course! Complete your theoretical training with an N1, N2 or N3 national certificate.

Accredited courses
by Umalusi
Number of courses: 4

Complete your national technical certificate! Register now for an electrical engineering course and gain a theoretical understanding of the electrical trade.

Accredited courses
by Umalusi
Number of courses: 4

Manufacture or fit components for machinery! Understand the theory behind fitting and turning through these N1 - N3 national certificate courses. Study now!

Non-accredited short courses
by College SA
Number of courses: 1

Want to study one of our technical courses but do not meet the entrance requirements? Now you can!

Why should I study one of College SA’s Technical College Courses?

Our technical courses are aimed at combining theoretical studies with practical training to fill the need for artisans in the job market. These technical courses equip students with the knowledge and skills required to work in the construction, transportation, mechanical and electrical industries. The Department of Education has created a study programme, called NATED, that helps fill the need of skilled labour in the economy. There are only a few technical colleges in South Africa that offer these technical study programmes. 

What is the NATED programme?

The National Accredited Technical Education Diploma programmes are technical courses that are aimed at encouraging both the technical and occupational training of students. The NATED programme consists of 18 months of theoretical training and 18 months of practical application in the workplace.

What do people in the Technical Trade do?

Someone working in a technical/engineering trade can design, build or maintain engines, machines or structures. Your field of specialisation will determine what you do on a daily basis.

What does a Boilermaker do?

Boilermakers manufacture, install and repair boilers, closed vats and other large vessels or containers that hold liquids or gas.

What does an Electrician do?

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical equipment, systems and lines for commercial and residential properties.

What does a Motor Trade Mechanic do?

Mechanics diagnose problems on vehicles and then find the best method to repair it. They are also responsible for routine check-ups on vehicles.

What does a Fitter and Turner do?

Fitters and turners manufacture parts, according to specifications, for various types of machinery.

What does a Welder do?

Welders use welding equipment to join two or more parts of metal together. It involves applying heat to metal and fusing the parts.

Where to study Technical Courses?

You can enrol for a technical college course through College SA. We are accredited with Umalusi for the N1 – N3 Technical National Certificate courses, which means that you will receive a nationally recognised qualification after completing each level.

Want to study to be a Boilermaker?

The boilermaking qualification is separated into a theoretical and a practical component. The theory has three levels covering mathematics, engineering science, plating and structural steelworkers’ theory, and plating and structural steelworkers’ drawing. The practical experience can be completed as an apprenticeship or on-the-job training. The N1-N3 certificates take 36 months to complete with each level consisting of four modules each.

Want to study to be an Electrician?

Electricians are responsible for electrical wiring systems in homes, offices or commercial buildings. They ensure that the wiring is laid, maintained and secure. Electricians need specialised skills and knowledge, which they gain through theoretical studies and practical learning.

The electrical course covers mathematics, engineering science, industrial electronics and electrical trade theory over a period of 36 months. This means that each level, N1 to N3, takes 16 months to complete and consists of four modules that build on each other.

Want to study to be a Mechanic?

This qualification covers mathematics and engineering science which forms the basis of technical studies. Furthermore, you will study Mechanical Trade Theory and Industrial Electronics or Engineering Drawing.

Like the other technical/ engineering careers, motor mechanics has been identified as a scarce skill according to the South African Labour Department. This means that once you have completed your theoretical studies and practical experience, you will have many job opportunities. The N1-N3 certificates take 36 months to complete with each level consisting of four modules each.

Want to study to be a Fitter and Turner?

This qualification teaches you how to monitor, maintain and repair machinery. Fitters and turners have a highly specialised job that allows for minimum error. This means that they need a strong theoretical background with sufficient practical training.

The N1-N3 certificates cover engineering drawing, fitting and machining theory, as well as engineering science and mathematics. The certificates take 36 months to complete with each level consisting of four modules each.

Want to study to be a Welder?

Welders find work in industries such as engineering, construction, shipping and power supply. Welders need a good understanding of metal work, mathematics, science and structural drawing. This, together with practical experience, makes welders highly sought-after. This welding course takes 36 months to complete with each level consisting of four modules each.