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Empowering Women to Upskill themselves, Break Stereotypes, and Bridge Gaps

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Empowering Women to Upskill themselves, Break Stereotypes, and Bridge Gaps
With each passing day, women everywhere are making strides and invaluable contributions to industries despite gender stereotypes that continue to be a drawback for them in progressing in previously male-dominated fields of work. In celebration of Women’s Month, Optimi College is shining the light on such accomplishments as we believe that empowerment begins with investing in your skills set and embracing continuous learning.

Women in tech
Did you know that women hold less than a quarter of tech jobs in South Africa? This means that only 23% of tech jobs are performed by women. In today’s digital era, the tech industry continues to grow and is projected to keep enjoying these upward trends with advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, cloud computing, and virtual reality (VR). You could be a part of the evolution when you enrol in one of our industry-endorsed IT Academy courses.

Women in business
Women have held their own in the business world, excelling as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

According to research by Development Economics, women-owned businesses established between 2018 and 2022 were expected to generate R175 billion a year and create approximately 972 000 jobs. These numbers are expected to increase as more women are advancing in their careers to leadership roles and starting their own businesses. If you aspire to be a trailblazer in all things business and commerce, one of our Commerce Academy courses could propel you forward in your aspirations.

Women in occupational health and safety

Although still underrepresented, women have come a long way in turning the tide of occupational health and safety as a man’s line of work. The Polaris market research valued the global industry at roughly R26 billion in 2022, and its revenue is projected to reach about R80 billion by 2032.

At Optimi College, we believe that with the right skills and knowledge all women have the potential to turn their career dreams into reality. Whether you aspire to be an innovative tech professional, an influential business leader, or be instrumental in maintaining occupational health and safety, we offer the skills and knowledge to help you make the boss move in your chosen field.
Together we can create more inclusive and diverse industries that propel women to new heights of success and achievement. Let this Women’s Month pave the way for the incredible women who are breaking stereotypes, upskilling, and bridging gaps in the professional world.

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