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Exploring your options after Matric?

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Here are some of the top courses you can study at Optimi College. 

Are thoughts about what to do after Matric keeping you awake at night?  

 As the mid-year mark approaches, it’s an opportune time for matriculants to reflect on their academic journey and start planning for the next phase. We understand this significant transition as you prepare to bid farewell to your high school years and embark on a journey towards self-discovery, exploration, and decision-making to shape your future.    

Optimi College offers a wide range of accredited qualifications, short courses, and industry endorsements, so depending on your field of interest, we could have the course to help you unlock your next job opportunity. 

Human Resources 

The function of human resource specialists in managing employee relations is becoming increasingly important because of changes in labour regulations and technology developments. Study towards a career in HR at Optimi College with one of our accredited human resources management qualifications:   

  • Our National Diploma in Human Resources Management is SABPP-accredited and covers the legislation that governs HR practices. HR managers can earn an average of *R393 065 per annum.  
  • You can also enrol in the Certificate: Human Resources Administration. This NQF Level 4 course can help you in becoming a competent personnel assistant or office clerk.  
  • An HR Administrator earns an average of *R160 579 per annum.  

Human Resource Management    

ICB: Business Management 

There will always be problems that require answers and out-of-the-box thinking. Our ICB Business Management course can help you become a versatile business manager who is in tune with the principles of business and management. You will gain a complete understanding of key business disciplines and a knowledge of the complexities of modern business operations.  

As a business manager you could earn an average salary of *R423 787 per annum.  

ICB: Business Management 

Software Development 

 A quick web search can confirm that information technology-related skills are in demand, and our 12-month Software Development course can help you excel in this career path. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a career changer, or a student eager to enhance your coding skills, our Software Development course is your gateway to unlocking a world of opportunities.  

On average, a software developer earns a salary of *R317 854 per annum.  

Software Development (Programming)   

Electrical Engineering 

There’s an undeniable need for technical skills in South Africa that can help combat the rising unemployment rate. Enrol in our Electrical Engineering course to gain a theoretical understanding of the electrical trade. This is a valuable skill that you can turn into a lucrative business if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Optimi College offers national trade courses known as N1, N2, and N3 qualifications.  

You can earn an average of *R363 942 per annum as an Electrical Engineer.  

NTC Electrical Courses 

Optimi College is a registered private college offering courses that can help you reach your full potential. Let us navigate your learning journey together.  

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*Source of salary averages: Payscale