The student hereby accepts that College SA shall have the right to vary the course syllabus at any time, without prior notification and without furnishing reasons therefore.

We, the undersigned declare that the information in this application is complete and correct. We authorise College SA to verify information contained in this application form, and make any other enquires that may be necessary. We understand that if any part of it is found to be incomplete, false or misleading, College SA may cancel this registration.


The student is responsible to ensure that he/she is on the correct course and that he/she adheres to the latest/correct entrance criteria. The College will not accept students who do not adhere to the entrance criteria, and if the College subsequently discovers that the student did not adhere to the entrance requirement; the College will hold the student responsible for the full course fee.


In an instance where the College does not facilitate examinations, it cannot be held accountable for venues. The programme fees exclude institute membership fees and examination fees. College SA does not accept responsibility for a students’ eligibility or entry for public examinations. Course material will be supplied to the student in parts as and when tests/assignment/exams and a further works order form has been completed.


If you are on the Courier Option, then we will do our utmost to deliver your parcel via couriers. We confirm with you your physical address where you want your package delivered. The courier company will call you to confirm that you are available to accept your parcel and sign for it. If you are not available, or not able to accept your parcel when the courier delivers it, then the courier will return the parcel to us.

  • To have your parcel re-sent, you will have to
  • Ask us to resend it
  • Pay an additional courier fee, and
  • Confirm your delivery details and contact number

College SA will only cover the cost of the courier fee ONCE, and will only resend a package after confirming that we have received your payment for the additional courier fees. The student will be responsible for covering the cost of any deliveries thereafter. The student is responsible for providing College SA the correct delivery address and ensuring that either they, or their representative is available to take the delivery.

Merchandise on our College SA website is not FREE, if the applicant is requesting merchandise, the applicant is liable to make the necessary payment for the value of the merchandise and this will be dispatched with your next batch of study material.

The applicant agrees that the College may record his/her non-performance with a credit information bureau. Any information conveyed to a credit information bureau will be available to other credit grantors and used in making credit risk management related decisions. The College may perform a credit information search on the student at a credit information bureau.


The College will only correspond and deal with the student. The College will not enter into correspondence with anybody or organisation representing the student, except for:

  • Ombudsman
  • A parent or legal guardian (only in the case where the student is a minor)
  • A person representing a relevant accrediting body or institution
  • Student’s lawyer
  • Company representative
  • Student guarantor


The College is responsible to ensure that study material is up to date. Up to the point where the student requests a specific set of study material, the College automatically updates the study material. Once a student has requested and received a specific set of study material, the College remains responsible for keeping that material up to date for a period of three months. If in that period there are significant changes of an academic nature to the study material, the College will send the student updated study material at no cost.

If there are significant changes of an academic nature to the study material issued to a student, but these changes happen more than three months after the student was issued with the study material, the College will inform the student of the changes, and give the student the option to buy the updated study material from the College.


The applicant takes responsibility for the payment of all fees and other charges due to College SA. The applicant agrees to be liable for all cost of debt recovery, including professional fees and collection commission. Postage on all material sent to College SA is payable by the student. The replacement of study materials will be for the account of the student. The monthly instalment will be due by the last day of each month (30 day account).


  • Bursaries and /or vouchers or any discount given to a student become null and void if:
  • The student misses any payment to the college.
  • The student is cancelled by the college.
  • The student applies for cancellation.
    (Please refer to the Cancellations section below to see the criteria for valid cancellations)


Bursaries and/or vouchers are therefore not part of a refund calculation. You cannot be refunded monies which you never actually paid to the college. When a student transfers from course to course, bursaries and vouchers are not transferable. Upon transfer, application for a bursary or voucher must be done anew.

The student, applicant, account/fee payer, lawful guardian and /or sponsor are herein collectively referred to as the “student”. By acceptance to College SA the Student shall be jointly and severally responsible for the fulfilment of all terms of the agreement. College SA reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration without having to give a reason for such cancellation. Students, who are on monthly payments plans, will not and cannot claim any refund if the college cancel their registration. If the College chooses to cancel the registration of a student who has paid the course in advance, such a student is entitled to a refund as per the cancellation and refund policies.

In the event of any student desiring to terminate studies, as per cancellation policy, this shall not absolve the Student from full liability for the payment of fees and any other charges. The student’s failure to make progress in his or her studies or to complete a programme of study, for whatever reason shall in no way entitle him/her to a reduction of this contract. The right to tuition and examinations is not transferable.


You have a 30-day period within which you can cancel with a full refund. After the 30-day period, this agreement is binding and you are fully responsible for all fees. Cancellations are dealt with as per the cancellation form and policy.

The College will not engage in further servicing, communication or correspondence with a student once that student has cancelled or has been cancelled by The College. The cancellation process brings to an end the relationship between College and Student.


  • Account must be up to date before cancellation can be considered.
  • Correctly completed cancellation form and supporting document must be submitted before the cancellation process can begin.
  • All students will be liable to pay for the month in which they request cancellation.
  • Allow 21 working days from submission date for processing and decision on cancellation.
  • Only cancellations within policy will be considered for processing.
  • A cancellation fee of R500 is payable by the student.

Reason for cancellation

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Death of Student
  • Downscaling/Unemployed/Retrenched etc.
  • Health Issues
  • Studying Elsewhere
  • Other

Student fees

In the event of any fees due by the student being unpaid on the due date, the full balance of fees remaining unpaid shall become immediately due and payable. At the same time, all bursaries/ vouchers are withdrawn and cancelled.

The student will not receive reports; certificates or exam results unless the account is paid up in full.

A Student who has failed academically shall not receive any reimbursement of their tuition fee.

Once the recommended period of study has passed, the student is required to apply and pay for an extension to complete his or her studies.

Once the 30-day cancellation guarantee has passed the student will still be liable for the full course fee.


For A Business

The contracting party (the business) hereby warrants to College SA that the signatory (representing the business) has the required legal capacity to enter into, and be bound by these terms and conditions. The business accepts all the term and conditions of the entire agreement.

For the Individual

I hereby declare that there is no legal impediment to my concluding this agreement and that I am legally bound to this contract, and accept all the terms and conditions of the entire agreement


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