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How To Take Advantage of South Africa’s Ecommerce Boom
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How To Take Advantage of South Africa’s Ecommerce Boom

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By Kendall Behr - Copywriter for Optimi

According to The Daily Maverick, in the space of less than 3 years, the Shoprite group has taken South African online shopping by storm with its discount Xtra Savings card and Sixty60 home delivery initiative. Arguably one of the world’s most responsive grocery eCommerce options, the Sixty60 app’s team includes software developers, machine learning engineers, and IT engineers. Pick n Pay and Woolworths are fast trying to catch up. In the past six months, Pick n Pay has reported an online sales growth of 82%, and more retailers are mobilising to start offering eCommerce and delivery options. This means that there is a growing demand for skilled IT engineers, software developers and security experts. Take advantage of the boom and obtain a relevant IT certification within 6 months to a year with Optimi College’s wide range of study options.

What is eCommerce?

In its most basic application, eCommerce is the buying and selling of goods on an online store. Following the restrictions on shoppers during the Coronavirus lockdowns, this has also come to include home delivery within a few hours of ordering.

Although eCommerce has been available for mainstream customers ever since retail giant Amazon created their eCommerce website in the early 1990s, the recent rapid adoption and success of Sixty60 demonstrates the role it now plays in South Africa. Optimi College encourages all aspiring programmers and developers, including school leavers who are still considering their career paths, to take advantage of this boom by gaining the necessary skills and certification with our courses.

IT Engineer (12 months)

IT engineers are responsible for the software and networks that ensure that an eCommerce platform works smoothly. IT engineers are responsible for troubleshooting and testing the software that software engineers design.

Our IT Engineer course covers CompTIA A+ (Hardware, Software, Troubleshooting), CompTIA N+ (Networking), CompTIA Server+, and CompTIA Security+ certification courses. Once you’ve completed your course, which takes 12 months, you’ll get a certificate that proves your skills and makes you attractive to prospective employers.

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Software Developer (9 months)

Software developers are an integral part of building a responsive eCommerce presence that is mobile-friendly too. An eCommerce presence requires agile software to operate everything from listing products, inventory management, accounting and email marketing, as well as setting up home delivery.

Our Software Development course only takes 9 months to complete. The course covers Microsoft-certified skills, Python, MCSA SQL Server, Java SE 11, and more. Once you’ve successfully completed it, you’ll receive a certificate that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile to help you get employed faster.

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Security Bundle (12 months)

The security of an eCommerce site and its linked app is essential to its success. Without security, customers’ personal details, such as credit card numbers, home addresses and phone numbers, will be leaked to scammers. Thus, offering your skills as a security expert can make you a valuable member of an eCommerce team.

Optimi College, home of IT Academy, offers a security course that teaches the skills you need to work as a security expert in an eCommerce team. Get certified and make yourself more employable!

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South Africa is seeing growing demand for critical skills during the fourth industrial revolution. An IT certification takes 12 months or less to complete and gives you access to skills that make you employable in a rapidly growing space. Get in touch with an Educational Planner to find out more about how you can improve your career options with short courses.