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Human Resources = The Heart of Every Organisation.

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Human Resources = The Heart of Every Organisation. 

You’ve probably heard the saying that the human resource department is the heart of every organisation, but what does that mean and why is HR so important to the functioning of a company? Well, this is because HR takes care of all the employee-centric needs and requirements within an organisation to ensure that employees are able to perform as expected. HR also plays a crucial role in terms of internal communication and keeping everyone updated with the organisation’s policies and procedures. If you are considering HR as a career path, here are some things to know.  

The HR department is made up of different professionals who all fulfil different roles but who are co-dependant on each other. An effective HR department does more than just settle employee relations, deal with grievances, and mediate disputes. Their scope of work also involves maintaining a diverse workforce of qualified professionals by ensuring that they attract, select, and recruit qualified candidates for vacancies within the company. They ensure that the working environment is conducive by coming up with creative ways to maintain employee engagement and staff retention. Furthermore, their responsibilities include the upskilling and training of employees, ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations, departmental strategic planning, and overseeing the performance management process. 

Overall, HR professionals are essential in helping organisations effectively manage their human capital, facilitate employee growth and development, and ensure legal compliance. They contribute to the overall success and competitiveness of the company.  

This is great, but is there a need for human resources in the workplace? 

This is an easy yes! For as long as new employees keep entering the job market, labour laws are constantly being revised, and technology continues to advance, the role of HR professionals continues to be pivotal to all organisations across different sectors and industries. Whether you’re starting your HR career or advancing in the field, look no further than Optimi College. We offer two SABPP-accredited HR courses that you can enrol in any time of the year.  

National Diploma in Human Resource Management 

This course will develop you to become a well-rounded asset to any organisation as it covers the legislation that governs HR practices in SA, talent acquisition, skills development, and labour relations. You will obtain crucial knowledge about the best practices for mediating labour or organisational disputes, implementing disciplinary actions, and facilitating organisational changes. A human resource manager earns an average of *R396 222 per annum. 


Certificate: Human Resource Administration 

This course offers you a solid foundation to launch your career as a competent HR professional who can critically collect, analyse, and organise information. You will learn valuable skills related to problem solving and effective communication. With this certificate, you can work as a personal assist and earn an average salary of *R172 505 per annum. 

*Source for average salaries Payscale 

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