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Introducing Optimi College: Your Distance Learning First Choice

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By Kendall Behr - Copywriter for Optimi

College SA and IT Academy are slowly transitioning into our new name and identity: Optimi College. Wondering what’s going to change and how this change will affect you? Here are all the answers. Whether you’re already a student or are a potential student, the introduction of Optimi College offers you tons of benefits.

The meaning of ‘Optimi’:

The name Optimi has its roots in the Greek prefix ‘opti’, which means sight, light, and is used in the English words optimise and optimistic. Optimi is a forward-thinking, optimistic brand that offers a diverse range of education solutions.

The ‘mi’ in Optimi stands for ‘my’, because we believe in personalising everyone’s educational journey to their needs. Distance learning education allows students to study from home without needing to attend classes and arrange their lives around the educational institutions’ schedule.

Why the name change?

More than a name change: At Optimi College, you now have access to options in IT, too. Optimi College brings together College SA and IT Academy, two providers of accessible accredited courses under one banner.

Our CEO, Stefan Botha, says “the change to Optimi signifies how our company is focusing on continuously adapting and being ahead of the curve in an age where technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) are set to have major impacts on the education space. At Optimi, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this and bringing cutting-edge innovations to market, helping our customers and users take the next important step in their educational journeys.”

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a modern method of accessing education that allows every individual to get the education they need. Full-time study just simply isn’t accessible to most school leavers, and many enter the job market without certifications or skills. Optimi College is there to bridge the gap in an affordable and accessible manner.

Is Optimi College accredited?

Optimi College offers a range of accredited and unaccredited courses. Optimi College is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training, allowing the College to offer specific SAQA qualifications through the QCTO and Umalusi.. We also have accreditations with international bodies, such as:

ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers): The ICB is an Independent External Examination Body that’s recognised locally and abroad for NQF Accredited Business Qualifications.

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants): The CIMA qualification combines accounting, finance and management with the business skills and techniques you’ll need to add real value to any organisation.

SABPP (South African Board for People Practices): SABPP is an autonomous body that professionally regulates the HR profession.

And more!

Why are we passionate about education?

Optimi College’s mission is to ensure that every individual, no matter who, can access further education and build the future of their dreams. Short courses give you the qualifications you need to start working and earning, while being affordable and allowing you to continue working a day job.

Want to know more about finding a course that works for you? One of our Educational Planners can call you to talk through finding the perfect option for you. Just click here to request a call back.