College SA presents the Matric Series 2018

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Good study habits for Matrics

16 March 2020 8 Good study habits to developIn a previous article, we discussed some bad studying habits to
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Improve your studying

9 March 2020 8 ‘brain fuel’ foods and drinks to improve concentration and memoryStudying, as we all know, is a very cerebral
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How to Study Effectively

2 March 2020 8 Bad study habits to avoidThere are many articles and tips on developing good habits for how to study most effectively, but we don’t really talk about bad studying
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6 ways to remember content

24 February 2020 Study tips - Remembering the work you studiedKnowing how to go about studying, planning your study sessions properly, and looking after your health during study periods (like test or
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5 best ways to manage your study time

21 February 2020 How to study - Ways to manage your study time betterTime management is essential when it comes to studying for a test or exam, especially if you have a
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Flexible Payment Options

29 November 2017 Does College SA Offer Bursaries?No, College SA does not offer bursaries. However, we understand that furthering your studies is expensive, that is why we offer easy payment
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Types Of Higher Education Institutions

29 November 2017 What is the Difference Between College, Technikon and University?The three main types of higher education institutions in South Africa include college, technikon and
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Passing A College SA Course

29 November 2017 How Do I Pass My Course?Our courses have various outcomes. Here is an explanation of the different types of assessments you will be required to complete for each
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Recognised Qualifications

29 November 2017 What is a Qualification?A qualification is an official record that proves you have finished a course and learned the necessary

Accredited And Non-Accredited Courses at College SA

29 November 2017 What Is the Difference Between an Accredited and Non-Accredited Course?College SA offers two types of courses, accredited and