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College SA presents the Matric Series 2018

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Flexible Payment Options

29 November 2017 No, College SA does not offer bursaries. However, we understand that furthering your studies is expensive, that is why we offer easy payment
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Types Of Higher Education Institutions

29 November 2017 The three main types of higher education institutions in South Africa include college, technikon and university. Understanding the difference between these learning institutions can make choosing where to study much
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Passing A College SA Course

29 November 2017 Our courses have various outcomes. Here is an explanation of the different types of assessments you will be required to complete for each
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Recognised Qualifications

29 November 2017 A qualification is an official record that proves you have finished a course and learned the necessary
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Accredited And Non-Accredited Courses at College SA

29 November 2017 College SA offers two types of courses, accredited and non-accredited. To decide which course best suits your educational goals, you first have to understand the difference between the
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Entrance Requirements for College SA Courses

29 November 2017 To enrol for one of our courses, you have to meet certain entry requirements and submit the correct
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What To Do When You Fail Matric

29 November 2017 Worried that you cannot further your studies because you failed Matric? Maybe you are concerned that you won’t be able to apply for a job without a Matric
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Distance Learning Education

29 November 2017 Distance learning is a method of study that does not involve face-to-face classes. Students are in control of their own studies and can work at a pace that suits
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Studying at College SA

29 November 2017 College SA is one of many private colleges in South Africa. Here is what sets us apart from the rest:read