Flexible Payment Options

Does College SA Offer Bursaries?

No, College SA does not offer bursaries. However, we understand that furthering your studies is expensive, that is why we offer easy payment options. Our payment plans are flexible enough for any budget.  To learn more, continue reading.   

Pay Upfront

With this option, you pay the total course fee upon registration and can request all your study material upfront.

Please note that exam and international titles are updated every year. If your study material changes during your studies, we cannot be held responsible for outdated study material. Therefore, we suggest that you request your study material in batches. This way, you will get the latest study material.   

Monthly Instalments

Our monthly instalment option is interest-free, so you pay no additional fees. You only pay the course price + registration fee. Upon registration, you will be required to pay the R950 registration fee + first month’s instalment. Please note that you have to settle the full amount to get your certification.

Pay per Subject

With this option, you only pay for one subject at a time. You pay the R950 registration fee + the cost of the first subject. This option is great for students who first want to get a feel for the course (and distance learning). If you do not like it, you can cancel your studies. No cancellation fees.

Why pay for your own studies?

When you study with a bursary or student loan, you risk going into debt. This could set you back for years. However, if you pay your own studies, you do not have to worry about high interest rates, outstanding fees or debt collectors.

College SA’s flexible payment options allow you to pay for your studies without breaking your budget or running into unnecessary debt. Contact us on 0861 663 663 to find out more about our payment options.