Passing A College SA Course

How Do I Pass My Course?

Our courses have various outcomes. Here is an explanation of the different types of assessments you will be required to complete for each course.

How do I pass a provider programme (non-accredited course)?

To pass a provider programme, you have to submit assignments and a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Your completed assignments and final mark will determine whether you pass the course or not. You will receive a College SA Certificate after submitting all compulsory documents. Our provider programmes/non-accredited courses have no exams. It is strictly assignment-based. You also do not need a Matric certificate to study a non-accredited course.          

What is a Portfolio of Evidence?

A Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is a set of documents that confirm your level of competence for specific learning outcomes. This file or folder may include a variety of work-based assignments, personal reports, progress reports, assessor observations, etc. 

How do I pass an accredited course?

ICB Courses (Accounting and Bookkeeping & Business Management and Office Administration)

To pass an ICB course, you have to complete a series of assignments and write the ICB exams. When you register for your exams, the ICB offices will send you a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). Inside, you will find your ICB portfolio guide, tests and assignments and answer books. All completed assignments, as well as your written exams, have to go in your PoE. You need to get 60% overall to pass your course.

  • 70% of your final mark will come from your final exam.
  • 30% of your final mark will come from your assignments and tests.

Exams can be written in February, May, July, September and November. 

SABPP Human Resource Management

The SABPP National Diploma in Human Resource Management qualification has formative and summative assessments. Each subject requires 25 hours practical work in your HR department. Your practical hours have to be signed off by a supervisor or mentor. You also have to write an exam. The Final Integrated Summative Assessment (FISA) will test your knowledge on what you have learned in the course.

Engineering Studies / Technical Courses

Our technical courses have assignments and exams. There are three assignments per subject and national exams. Your term mark plus your exam marks are submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training for evaluation. After completing all the required assignments and exams, you will be awarded a National Certificate (N1 – N3). 

Exams can be written in April, August and November. You will be held liable for the exam fees.

Computer Courses (Microsoft)

You will be required to write computer-based assessments (exams). We will provide you with the study material for the course. To write the exams, you have to register at a Certiport Assessment Centre in South Africa. It is your responsibility to schedule your exam and pay the exam fee. After successful completion, you will receive your Microsoft Certification.  

Computer Courses (CompTIA)

Upon registration, we will send you the study material for this course. You will then have to write exams at a PearsonVUE Assessment Centre. It is your responsibility to schedule your exam and pay the exam fee. Your marks will be available as soon as you finish the test. If successful, you will receive an International Certificate. 

For more assessment and accreditation information, visit the individual course pages or speak to an Educational Planner on 0861 663 663.