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Hi Matrics!

Your school career has flown by and you’ve made it to the last stretch – well done! You are probably concentrating on important work and exam preparation, and we are sure that everyone keeps reminding you how important this year is!

It’s enough to send anyone into a panic, isn’t it?

Don’t worry though, because we’ve come up with a plan to get you through this year with a few tips and a lot of motivation.

We’ve realised that Matrics have a lot of decisions to make during their Matric year, and can sometimes feel very overwhelmed with school and life.

That’s why we’ve created a Matric Series. The Matric Series will introduce you to Martin the Matriculant and Desi the Distance Learning Diva. They are the main characters, and also the voices through which we address general worries Matrics may have, as well as answering questions posted by you!

We will follow Martin through his Matric year, and through mailers and blogposts, Desi will give him advice – so once you’ve filled in our online form (if you haven’t already), you will start receiving Martin’s emails!

Meet Our Characters:

Martin the Matriculant

Martin Matric Series

  • Martin is 18 and in Matric.
  • He is nervous about his final exams and deciding what to do after school.
  • He asks his cousin, Desi the Distance Learning Diva, to give him advice and guidance to survive Matric.


 Desi the Distance Learning Diva

Desi MatricSeries

  • Desi is 20 and has been a distance learning student for 2 years.
  • She loves helping Martin and other students figure out what they want.
  • She uses her experience and top-notch research skills to give advice and guidance.

The Story

Martin is a Matric student, and while he is preparing for his Matric exams, he has many questions about life after school. He expresses his worries and questions to his cousin, Desi. Desi has been studying through a distance learning college for the past two years, and knows a lot about studying after school, and deciding what to study. She gives Martin good insight on the worries he has.

From Us

We hope that our Matric Series will encourage and motivate you throughout your Matric year. We also hope we can shed some light on further education and distance learning!


As Desi the Distance Learning Diva would say, “Do something every day, and remember to take time to enjoy this year!”

Disclaimer:  Martin and Desi are fictional characters created by College SA for educational purposes.




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