Desi's Final Exam Prep Recap


Start studying sooner rather than later


Preparing for the Matric final exams can be stressful, especially when they are just around the corner. Twelve years of school and everything comes down to how well you do in one exam.

Some of your classmates may have already started studying, while others haven't looked at their books yet. Whichever of these two groups you fit into, have a look below at my tips to help you get ready for your Matric final exams.

Tip 1. Keep your stress levels low, start revising early

It’s no surprise that stress levels are higher during exams. Instead of leaving everything until the last minute, start studying sooner rather than later. Get familiar with every subject and don’t stop revising one subject until you feel you know it well. This will help reduce the time required to review your work the night before your test. What’s more, you will also feel more relaxed while writing your exams.

Tip 2. Work through past exam papers

Past exam papers for all Matric subjects are available for download on the internet. Get the papers you need and work through them. Make sure that you download final exam papers as well. There will be a few questions about things you haven't learned yet. Add these questions to your “what to study” list. Keep your eyes open for questions that appear in every past exam paper. It will give you a better idea of what to expect in your final exam. 

Download past exam papers

Tip 3. Start a study group with your classmates or a friend

A study group is another great way to prepare for your final exams. Sometimes asking a friend to explain something to you helps you understand it better. Compile your own list of questions and test each other. If you accidentally skipped something in your study material, your friend might have it in his/her revision sheets. This way, you can all make sure that you have covered everything for your exam.  

Tip 4. Don’t forget to take breaks

Studying for hours without taking breaks can drain you mentally. Always make time for short breaks, just to refresh your brain and keep focus. Leaving your study desk for two minutes will do wonders. However, sitting in front of the TV is a bad idea. Take a walk around the house, eat some fruit or have a refreshing drink.

Tip 5. Make sure you have everything you need for your final exams

Check that you have everything you need to write your final exams. Always carry spare pens and also ensure you have a pencil, ruler, eraser and a sharpener. Most importantly, make sure you have your Matric number and ID stickers with you. Carry it in a plastic folder to keep it safe.  Lastly, remember to bring a calculator too! 

Tip 6. Don’t stress on exam day

Try not to stress over what you don't know, and concentrate on what you do know. Think about everything that you have learnt, and don't try to cram something new into your head at the last minute.  

As soon as the overseers start handing out the exam papers, take a deep breath and relax. Have confidence in yourself and just do your best.

Study the cover page of your question paper and try to stick to the time allocated for each section. If you do get stuck on one part, move on. You can always return after you have completed the rest of the test. Also, make sure you use the right headings and numbering when writing your test. 


Remember that the more you study, the easier your exams will be. This recipe has proven to work for all the top achievers, why wouldn’t it work for you? You’ve made it this far so don’t let anything stop you now. Study hard and pass your Matric exams, I know you can do it! 

Happy studying!

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the Distance Learning Diva


Disclaimer:  Martin and Desi are fictional characters created by College SA for educational purposes.