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College SA Matric Series Exam Prep Recap


Somewhere in the middle of your Matric exams you are going to want to procrastinate. You are going to feel like you are missing out on fun events. This could lead to “later becomes never”, which could result in you failing your exams.

In this post, I have listed more exam tips to help you stay positive, focused and help you pass Matric.

Tip 1: Don’t lose focus when one of your tests didn’t go so well.

Stop stressing about an exam you have already written. Focus on your next test and study even harder. By continuously worrying about the paper you wrote last week, you will have a very difficult time preparing for your next exam, which can lead to even more disappointment.

Tip 2: Make sure you know exactly what your exam roster looks like.

By knowing exactly when and what you are writing next, you can block out sufficient study time. Try to add another hour or two to your study time. That extra study time can lead to extra marks, which can be exactly what you need to pass.

Spending long hours studying might be daunting, but by pushing yourself you will have no problem passing Matric.

Tip 3: Develop a daily routine.

It is important to decide on a daily routine and stick to it. By having a set routine, you don't need to decide hour-to-hour what you will do next, which allows you to be completely focused on your studies and exams.

Start your day as planned. In the morning you have more energy, which will allow you to study more efficiently and remember your work better. 

Tip 4: Once you’re done writing an exam, start focusing on your next test.

Students, understandably, may be enticed to take a break after they have written an exam.

Instead of spending your afternoon lazing around, only take a short breather and get back to your books. You can start by summarizing a chapter or two. This will get you back into your study rhythm.    

Tip 5: Block out all noises and distractions around the house.

Turn off your cellphone and all other mobile gadgets while you are studying. Also, don’t study in front of the TV. 

You can check your mobile chats or browse the Internet during your scheduled breaks. However, these sorts of interruptions ought to take a back seat for the following month. Your friends’ messages and status updates won’t be able to help you pass your exams.

Tip 6: Learn to say “No”.

As the exams draw to an end, your friends will confront you with more and more invites to parties and events. Do not give in to them. You will have enough time for partying and enjoying yourself after you have completed your Matric exams. Spend the little time you have on studying. You will thank yourself later.  

However, tip 5 and 6 does not mean that you should shut yourself from the world. You WILL need a break. You can spend time with your family and friends over the weekend… just manage your leisure time properly.    

Tip 7: Healthy lifestyle.

As usual, the best counter to stress and anxiety is living a healthy lifestyle. Set aside a few minutes for exercise, get enough rest, and attempt to keep your eating habits healthy and balanced.


I hope that these tips make your Matric exams a little easier and that you pass with flying colours. 

Remember, you are in control. Make the right choices now and reap the benefits.


All the best!

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the Distance Learning Diva


Disclaimer:  Martin and Desi are fictional characters created by College SA for educational purposes.