Welcome to Your Matric Year!

Hi Matrics! I would like to introduce myself: I’m Desi the Distance Learning Diva. If you’ve recently been on the College SA website, you may have seen that they are running a Matric Series. If you haven’t yet seen the Matric Page, you can visit their website College SA.

You’ll find information on the Matric Series, as well as information on my cousin Martin the Matriculant and myself.

In short, the Matric Series is a way to communicate with you, and to answer some general questions you may have about your Matric year, the exams and the future.

I’ll answer these questions in blogs, so look out for those! You can also post questions on the Matric Post on College SA’s Facebook page. I’ll try to answer as many questions as I can in my July and October blogs!

The questions I’ll answer

Martin has already asked me a ton of questions! So I’ve begun researching and thinking about the best way to answer them. As a college and distance learning student, I have a good amount of experience and knowledge that I can use to help you understand further education and distance learning.

Here are some of the topics I’ll cover in my blogs:

  • Study and exam tips
  • Furthering your education
  • The cost of furthering your education
  • Exam motivation
  • Introducing College SA
  • Taking a gap year

We will also discuss more serious topics like:

  • Fearing the future
  • Failing Matric


I really hope that these blogs will be helpful to you! Please let me know what you think on the College SA Facebook page!


I’ve also published a glossary list with this blog. These are common words used by colleges.

Desi's Glossary List

Enjoy every second of your Matric year!

Desi the Distance Learning Diva.


Disclaimer: Martin and Desi are fictional characters created by College SA for educational purposes.