No Matric? You can study further without Matric. 

Many people worry about not having finished Matric and some believe that there is limited opportunity for further studies without it. This, of course, is not true – there are many ways you can study further without Matric.

Please Note that College SA does NOT offer Matric, or, any High School subjects.

This means that you cannot get a Matric / Grade 12 Certificate from College SA.  We offer a range of courses and qualifications - many of which do not require Grade 12 as an entry requirement.


College SA offers both accredited and provider programme courses that don’t require Matric:

Bookkeeping and Accounting

ICB offers foundation level courses in Financial Accounting which requires only grade 10, and Public Sector Accounting which requires only grade 11 - no matric required. Once you’ve passed the foundation level you are able to continue with the programme until you receive a National Diploma in either Financial or Public Sector Accounting. Here is a list of Bookkeeping and Accounting courses you can study without Matric:

Business and Management courses

ICB offers foundation level courses in both Business Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Both of these courses require only grade 11. You are able to continue with these programmes until you gain a National Diploma in either Business Entrepreneurship or Business Management. The College also offers a range of Business and Management provider programmes that you can study without Matric:


The National Trade Courses (boilermaking, welding, fitting and turning, electrical and motor trade) require only that you have grade 9 with mathematics and physical science (no matric required). After completing your N1, N2 and N3, you are able to apply to a college to complete a Higher National Diploma.

Provider Programmes

Our provider programmes build theoretical knowledge in certain fields of interest. These programmes are a good way of adding an academic component to your practical experience; whether you are already working in a field or plan to work while studying. Here is a list of provider programmes that you can study without a Matric:

Your options if you don’t have Matric:

I failed Matric

If you’ve failed Matric you still have options:

  • If you’ve failed one or two subjects, you may be eligible to rewrite these exams in February/March following your Matric year.
  • You can return to school to redo your Matric. You will have to speak to your school principal about this.
  • You can enrol for our courses. We offer both accredited and non-accredited courses that don’t require Matric.

I dropped out before Matric

If you’ve dropped out of school before completing Matric, you can still study further. Many of our courses only require a grade 10. Many of our accredited courses also have low entrance requirements, especially the ICB and technical courses.

I am older and I never completed Matric

Age never has to hold you back from furthering your education, nor should not completing Matric. We have study options available for students of all ages and all educational levels.

I have work experience in the field I want to study

Our ICB courses offer Recognition of Prior Learning. This means that, in the last five years, you’ve worked within an industry relevant to the qualification you want to apply for. E.g. if you’ve worked as a bookkeeper for many years, and now want to get a qualification, you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning.  You can apply directly to ICB. You may then be exempted from certain subjects, or you’ll be allowed to skip some of the lower level courses. Exemptions are granted by the ICB.  College SA has no control over this.