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No university, no problem – study at College SA and pursue a successful career

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By Elmien Ackerman - Copywriter for Optimi

Many students aspire to study at a university after they finish matric. But universities have strict entry requirements and accept only top achievers. So, what happens if you don’t get in?

Not getting accepted at a university does not mean that you have to give up on your dreams. You can get an accredited qualification at a technical and vocational education and training (TVET) college like College SA and pursue a successful career. Here’s why College SA might be the ideal option for you.

Accredited qualifications

If you did not meet the minimum admission requirements for a university degree, our accredited qualifications are an excellent alternative to help you attain a recognised qualification. College SA offers the following accredited qualifications:

  • ICB Financial Accounting
  • ICB Business Management
  • ICB Office Administration
  • SABPP Human Resource Management
  • CompTIA A+ and N+
  • National Technical Certificates N1 – N3 (technical courses)

The qualifications listed above are nationally and sometimes internationally recognised (depending on the qualification), and they are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), which means that the qualifications are recognised by employers and other higher education institutions.

Effortless entrance requirements

The entrance requirements for our accredited qualifications range from a Grade 10 to a Grade 12 pass mark. So, even if you did not fare so well in high school, you can still qualify to study and get a recognised qualification.

Sensible short courses

Our adult short courses are non-accredited courses that have been specifically designed by College SA to equip you with the skills you need to qualify for a specific job. The short courses will add value to your CV and help you apply invaluable skills in the workplace.

These courses are split up into two categories, namely business courses and creative courses. See a list of our different courses below:

Business courses

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping courses
  • Business Management courses
  • Human Resource Management courses
  • Project Management courses
  • Occupational Health and Safety courses
  • Marketing courses
  • Events Management courses
  • Secretarial courses
  • Tourism courses
  • Supply Chain Management courses
  • Workplace Skills courses

Creative courses

  • Child Day-Care courses
  • Beauty Therapy courses
  • Graphic Design and Web Design courses
  • Photography courses

Not only are these courses more affordable than recognised qualifications, but they are also shorter in duration, have no examinations, and can be studied without a matric certificate.

More job opportunities

There are over 50 TVET colleges across South Africa that accept students who do not qualify for university. Many TVET colleges offer reputable qualifications that enable students to enter the job market. College SA is proud to be among the top reputable colleges that provide students with the opportunity to obtain a qualification.

Accredited qualifications are in higher demand and generally present you with more job opportunities. In fact, Ahmed Bawa, the chief executive officer of Universities South Africa, believes that students who study at a TVET college like College SA stand a far greater chance of getting employed as there is a shortage in the skills offered at TVET colleges and artisan programmes.

Affordable fees

We all know universities are expensive, but getting your dream job and pursuing your ideal career does not have to be costly. College SA offers affordable accredited qualifications. We also make it easy for you to pay for your studies in interest-free monthly instalments.

Study from home

Our courses are built specifically for distance-learning students. Plus, we deliver your study material to your door so you can study anytime, anywhere. The rest of the course information you will need to complete your chosen course successfully will be available online.

You can also work and study part-time as you do not need to attend classes. This means that you can start gaining practical experience in your chosen career path while completing an accredited course through College SA.

Academic support

Just because you are studying from home does not mean that you will not have support and guidance – our support team is just an email or phone call away, should you need any help with your studies.

Level up

Once you have laid the necessary foundations, you can build on your qualification to deepen your knowledge and expand your career prospects. You can study another course in the programme or invest in a sensible short course to enhance your CV.


Many of College SA’s accredited courses allow for exemptions at other institutions, meaning that your prior learning through College SA is recognised when enrolling for courses at other institutions. So, once you have completed a course at College SA, you can continue your studies at another institution or reapply for university admission (depending on the course and the university or institution to which you are applying).

Registration is always open

At College SA, you can register throughout the year as our registrations are always open. Plus, you do not need to stand in a queue to register – you can register online or over the phone.

Interested in registering for an accredited qualification at College SA? Click here to learn more.