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College SA is a proud member of Optimi, an education group with several divisions designed to provide education across the home, school, college and workplace spheres. Many members within these various divisions are offering a range of their products and services for free during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. Read on to find out more.

Home division (CAMI, Impaq, ITSI)


CAMI provides a range of computer programmes designed to be used in the classroom or at home, both online and offline. The EduSuite programme is available offline and consists of CAMI Mathematics (grade R - 12), CAMI Perceptual Skills Builder (grade RR - 4), Cami Reader (grade R - 12) and Cami Literacy (grade 1 – 6). They are also offering a free 14-day trial for their new offering, CamiWeb , which consists of a Mathematics component (grade R - 7), and a Perceptual Skills Builder component (grade R - 3). Cami Mathematics for Special Needs is a unique program suitable for learners 8 to 18 years old (or grade 1 to 5). Sign up for the free trial here:


Impaq provides all the products and services needed to educate a child at home successfully from grade R to 12. They also have a large network of tutor centres making use of their curriculum. Currently, they are offering an academic webinar series for grades 10 to 12 in all subjects. These webinars are free and accessible to all FET phase learners. Please see the webinar schedule here:

Impaq Webinar Schedule


Mobi-Tuta is a product provided by Optimi member Tuta-Me. Mobi-Tuta allows users to access content, practice questions and have live chats with tutors, all through a smartphone device. Mobi-Tuta provides grade 12 STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students access to CAPS-aligned content, practice questions, assignments, and chats with tutors. And during lockdown, they are providing all this for free.

Classroom division (ITSI)


ITSI is an EdTech company dedicated to providing education for school learners, university students and other individuals. As part of Optimi’s efforts, they are offering their Digital Lessons for free until the 30th of April 2020. These include Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences for learners in grade 10, 11 and 12; and Natural Sciences for learners in grade 7, 8 and 9.

ITSI’s 1,000+ digital lessons provide online exercises and guidance on some of the most common problem subjects. With 34,000 digital resources, Digital Lessons provide a variety of top-quality videos, animations, images and simulations which present your topic of choice in an attractive, engaging and enjoyable way, making them incredibly effective. Detailed feedback pinpoints knowledge gaps, helping students to take charge of their own learning journey. Supplement your existing Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Natural Sciences learning materials with Digital Lessons. ITSI’s digital lessons are available on any device or internet browser.

ITSI e-books via online store

Many publishers currently have special offers, including free educational books until lockdown is over – up to 10% discount on trade titles. Choose between over 450,000 titles of e-books to download via the miEbooks reader once and read in relaxation offline!

ITSI past exam papers via online store

Choose from over 700 past exam papers to get that practise in during this time. Available for free on

Cami Web for schools

Much like CAMI’s Home division, CAMI’s School division is giving all schools the chance to get Cami Web for free for six (6) weeks. This includes Mathematics for grades R – 7, and the Perceptual Skills Builder for grades R – 3.

Excom e-books via ITSI

Up until the lockdown ends, Excom will be offering FREE e-books via ITSI’s online store to make studying from home easier with our talking textbooks. Grade 10 – 12 learners can enjoy studying with Bubbles, which inserts short, interactive modules into the textbooks. Bubbles allow learners to get a deeper understanding of the material through interactive audio and visual snippets that complements the curriculum.