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Study tips for distance learning students

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By Joe Soap - Copywriter for Optimi

Tips for passing your distance learning course

Distance learning offers many advantages. It gives you the freedom to earn a qualification (or specialised skill) while keeping up with responsibilities. It also allows you to work while you study and it’s more affordable than traditional class-based learning institutions. That said, it also comes with some challenges. To be successful in distance learning, you have to be disciplined and commit to your studies. You must also be able to work on your own without supervision.

If you are considering studying a distance learning course or already studying through correspondence learning, here are eight tips to help you improve your learning style and pass your studies.

1. Remember why you started

Why did you enrol for this course? It might be to pursue a specific career; for self-enrichment, or to get that job promotion you have been longing for. Whatever your reason, focus on how you will feel once you pass and what you will be able to achieve with your new skill set. You can even write a list of reasons why this qualification is important to you and refer to it when you feel like throwing in the towel. Continuously remind yourself that for every assignment you complete, you are one step closer to your goal.

2. Set up a learning schedule

Do you have a learning schedule? If your answer is no, then get right to it. Not only will it help you manage your time more efficiently, but you will also get all your assignments done on time, thus minimising stress and sleepless nights. Break your coursework up in manageable portions and complete each part as planned. This will ensure that you make regular progress.

3. Do not leave assignments to the last minute

No matter how hectic your life gets, ensure that you stick to your learning schedule. Never leave assignments to the last minute. This will only result in unnecessary mistakes and poor marks. Run through every assignment before you start and make sure you will be able to complete it in the time allocated in your schedule.

4. Create a chaos-free workspace

When working on your assignments or preparing for an exam, make sure that your environment is free from distractions, lock yourself in your room if need be. Ensure that you focus on what is in front of you. This will help you produce good quality assignments and be better prepared for exams.

5. Find other students

Reach out to other students that are studying the same programme as you. Join online forums or online classrooms and swap ideas, get the help you need, and make new friends in the process. College SA has a great online classroom where students can get in touch with each other. This service is free, so you can log in and get support whenever you need it.

6. Take a break

Never exhaust yourself. The more refreshed you are, the better your work will be. Also, try not to work on your studies too late at night. If you are working full-time, take a short break when you get home and then focus on your studies while it is still early. This will ensure that you don’t go to bed too late. If you are lucky enough to be free during the day, focus on your studies early morning. This will open up the rest of your day, giving you time to attend to other responsibilities.

7. Eat and sleep well

As mentioned, it is vital that you get enough sleep. Sleeping and eating well will ensure that you get the most out of your study time. It is impossible for a tired mind and body to produce A-grade results. Ensure you get enough sleep during the night and that you eat a healthy diet. Include lots of fresh foods and healthy drinks in your eating plan.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Many students struggle to get accustomed with distance learning. If you are new to this method of study, don’t be too hard on yourself when something goes wrong in the first few months. Rather learn from your mistakes and come back better and stronger. Find a solution to the problem and move on. Remember, you are studying to improve your education and your life. Don’t back down.

If you have questions or need help with your studies, contact College SA or log in to our online classroom. We will help you work through your struggles so you can pass your course. (This only applies to students currently enrolled with College SA) For any other course or study queries, contact 0861 663 663.