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Studying IT with Optimi College

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By Kendall Behr - Copywriter for Optimi

We all know the stereotype of the techie: someone who sits in a dark room playing computer games all day and can communicate better in ones and zeros than in body language. But did you know that studying Information Technology (IT) could be for you, too? Break the stereotype of who gets to work in IT, a field that has become vital to businesses, the financial sector, medical, engineering, educational, sales, marketing and the sporting environment in South Africa.

Studying IT with Optimi College will prepare you for the workplace and make you employable with valuable skills such as programming, IT engineering and information and network security. You won’t do it alone: Our IT Academy provides students with one-on-one mentorship to guide them through their journey. Not only that, but you will receive a certificate of completion from one of our partners, Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and MICT Seta that will open doors in the workplace for you.

Optimi College offers courses in:

Software Development;


IT Engineering; and

CompTIA courses.

Get your IT accredited and non-accredited courses that can be studied part-time or full-time all in one place: Optimi College.

What career options do you have with qualifications in information technology?

Going on your learning journey with Optimi College gives you opportunities in every field, as all businesses in modern South Africa need technical support and innovation:

IT Support,



Software Design and Development,

Mobile Systems,

Business Systems,

Database Administration


More about the courses:

Software Development:

Software development meets the needs of the industry through teaching skills in creating, designing, deploying and supporting software.

Security Bundle:

Become a cyber-security expert in 12 months. The bundle includes CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA, CompTIA CASP, CEH and CISA.

IT Engineering:

Troubleshoot and design new information technology systems, and master networking and security with this IT Engineering course.

CompTIA Bundle:

Enter the professional IT field with IT technician training covering computer, installation and configuration.