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The potential that distance learning offers for upskilling

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By Kendall Behr - Copywriter for Optimi

Learning online offers a path towards learning new skills that can make your work more meaningful, help you negotiate for a higher salary, or even step into your dream role. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop, you the possibilities are endless!

The new normal

Although distance learning has been increasing steadily in popularity, the last 2 years have seen a sharp increase in the options available to students, while the quality of courses has increased. As many people were at home far more, enrolment for distance learning increased, and so did the quality of the offerings.

Today, distance learning is the new normal, with all the benefits of in-person learning and far fewer costs. This has also made learning more accessible to parents, people with various disabilities, and anyone needing to work part-time or full-time who wants to study.

The benefits

Distance learning offers many benefits! These include:

  • Lower costs: saving on travel costs, textbooks, and even the cost of tuition
  • Adaptability and flexibility: work around your schedule and learn at your own pace
  • Earn while you learn: work doesn’t have to be put on hold to allow you to upskill yourself
  • Saves time: travel time to and from classes is eliminated and you can simply sit down and learn
  • Accessible: anyone with an internet connection, device connected to the internet, and the interest can do it!

The downsides

Of course, distance learning doesn’t work for everyone. It requires self-discipline to sit down and study over the evenings and weekends. When attending classes, you are motivated by your lecturer and fellow students to finish your work, but with distance learning, you can often feel lonely.

That’s why Optimi College makes sure to incorporate a great system of student support for all our students! There are a few tricks to make distance learning work for you:

How to make distance learning work for you


  • Make sure you have access to a community or student support system that will keep you motivated
  • Keep your goal in mind. Write down why you’re taking the course and what you hope to achieve
  • Have a routine so that sitting down and studying becomes a habit rather than something you need to force yourself to do
  • Study an accredited course to ensure that all of your work is recognised and can contribute to your career


  • Don’t study in bed or in your pjs as you’ll lose motivation and even make it hard to sleep later
  • Wait for inspiration to complete your assignments: keep yourself to your own personal deadlines
  • Don’t study in front of the TV or while scrolling through social media
  • Don’t skip breaks! It’s important to keep your brain rested to give your best work


Optimi College offers everyone the opportunity to be able to study short courses and accredited qualifications from anywhere!

Our accredited courses include:

  • ICB – Business Management
  • ICB – Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Technical Course
  • Software Development
  • Network Engineer
  • IT Engineer
  • Microsoft Bundle
  • CompTIA Bundle
  • IT Professional


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